ABC Film Challenge – Comedy – G – Grudge Match (2013)

Director: Peter Segal

Writer: Tim Kelleher, Rodney Rothman (Screenplay) Tim Kelleher (Story)

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Kevin Hart, Alan Arkin, Kim Basinger, LL Cool J, Jon Bernthal


Plot: A pair of aging boxing rivals are coaxed out of retirement to fight one final bout, thirty years after their last match.

Tagline – Never give up the fight.

Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: More Heartfelt Than You Would Think


Story: Grudge Match starts as we see the history of two boxing legends Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp (Stallone) & Billy ‘The Kid’ McDonnen (De Niro) who has two fights and before The Kid got his rematch, Razor walked away from the sport. 30-years-later after an altercation between the two goes viral, Dante Slate Jr (Hart) arranges one more match between the two.

The two get back into training, Razor uses his old coach Lightning (Arkin) while The Kid turns to a new gym he helped fund run by Frankie Brite (Cool J) but it is his unknown son BJ (Bernthal) that knows how to train, the two go through the press campaign giving everyone buzz about the fight between two fighters past their prime and out of shape.


Thoughts on Grudge Match


Characters – Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp won the last fight between the two, he then walked away from the sport losing his fortune along the way becoming a factory worker. When the chance to make money by returning for one fight however reluctant he is, he must confront the problems which left him walking away from the ring to be ready for his in-ring return. Billy ‘The Kid’ McDonnen lost the last fight between the two, he wants rematch, but his reasoning behind him losing is the same as Razor leaving the ring. He has his own bar and jumps at the chance of a rematch. Dante Slate Jr is the fast taking promoter that has followed in his father’s footsteps. Lightning is the trainer for Razor he always has been, the old man cliché is all about him in this film. we have Sally who is the woman that got between the two men trying to rebuild her relationship with Razor.

PerformancesStallone and De Niro both have legendary careers where they both appeared in boxing movies, Rocky and Raging Bull respectable, this performance from the both doesn’t mock what they achieved, but does let them have fun at knowing they are older than when those films were part of their highlights. The supporting cast all get to play into their strengths, Hart with his quick talking, Arkin with his grumpy old man persona and Basinger doing the old flame figure.

StoryThe story follows to old rivals in the Boxing ring that get bought back together for the grudge match with the two having one a single match win each. The story shows how rivalries can last for decades and how they both have survived after leaving the world of boxing. We get to see the ‘old man’ in tech heavy world moments as this fight goes viral which works in places but not others. We see how the personal lives of everyone involved has been affected by the rivalry too.

Comedy/SportsThe comedy is solid in most places we get Hart doing his thing most and Arkin do the grumpy old man routine which gets the most laughs. The sports brings us in the boxing world with former rivals.

SettingsThe film keeps the settings in the two boxers home city of Pittsburgh which shows the sport will bring the city together.

Scene of the Movie –
The match itself.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Certain jokes miss.

Final ThoughtsThis is a comedy that was a lot better than I would expect, the jokes can hit and by the end you will enjoy this movie with two boxing legends finally ending their tie.


Overall: Fun sports comedy.





Glass Jaw (2018)

Director: Jeff Celentano

Writer: Brandon Espy, Lee Kholafai, Korrina Rico, Michael Testa (Screenplay)

Starring: Lee Kholafai, Korrina Rico, Jon Gries, Jaime Camil, Reynaldo Gallegos, Mark Rolston, Vernon Wels, Steven Williams, Boosie Badazz, Brandon Sklenar


Plot: Glass Jaw is the redemption story of Travis Austin, a one time champion boxer who goes to prison and loses everything. After his release, he experiences the trials and tribulations of redeeming his reputation, his belt, and his true love.


Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Boxing Redemption 101


Story: Glass Jaw starts as we learn about Travis’ rough childhood, where his parents got into financial trouble and abandoned him to be raised through the foster system. This never stop Travis (Kholafai) who went on to be Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, though tragedy happens at the celebration party as his trainer Eddy’s (Gallegos) daughter dies under his care.

Travis filled with guilt takes the blame and serves time in jail, he loses his house, but his girl Dana (Rico) never leaves his side. Once out Travis must put his life back together, search for a job and reclaim his reputation and title.


Thoughts on Glass Jaw


Characters – Travis Austin has always fought to be a top boxer, from his difficult childhood to the moment he became Light Heavyweight Champion. His life takes an instant turn for the worst when a family friend dies at his party, he takes the blame, loses his title, goes to prison, loses everything, once released he wants to redeem himself and regain everything he has lost. Dana is Travis’s girl, she stays loyal when he is in prison, but her own mistake causes the biggest problem between the two. Sam is the father that left Travis, he has reconnected with him now he is on top, Travis’s doesn’t want him back, but learns he is one of the people he can turn too.

PerformancesLee Kholafai in the leading role gives us a good performance when it comes to any of the boxing and fitness side of the film, when it comes to the serious side of things, he does struggle to reach the levels required to get complete performance. This is a weakness throughout the cast, everyone is good, but never at the very top that is required to make things a true stand out moments.

StoryThe story follows a champion boxer that takes the fall for a crime, who must rebuild his life and reputation once he is released from prison. When it comes to boxing redemption stories, we have seen many different ones over the years, the most recent notable one would be ‘Southpaw’. This story follows the same sort of lines as that one, without any major crime being committed, or any crime being committed by the boxer who must redeem himself. This is the biggest confusion about this movie because it’s not or could never be proven it was his fault for the death. we do get to see how the celebrity status can cause just as many problems in a personal life.

ThrillerThe thrilling side of the film happens when we are in the ring, we get to see just how intense the boxing can get.

SettingsThe film keeps us in the main settings in the locations you would imagine a boxing film to take place in.

Scene of the Movie –
The final match.

That Moment That Annoyed Me I don’t understand why Travis would need to take any blame for the events of the death.

Final ThoughtsThis is a good film for boxing fans to watch, it has the standard redemption story we know and is one that does everything it needs to.


Overall: Boxing Fans to enjoy.




ABC Film Challenge – Horror – G – Ghost Shark (2013)

Director: Griff Furst

Writer: Paul A Birkett (Screenplay) Eric Forsberg, Griff Furst (Story)

Starring: Mackenzie Rosman, Dave Davis, Lucky Johnson, Shawn C Phillips, Richard Moll


Plot: When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Mad Shark Fun


Story: Ghost Shark starts when a couple of redneck fishermen get annoyed and kill a great white shark, but the shark doesn’t stay dead and comes back as a ghost looking to kill any the rednecks. When teenager Ava (Roseman) and little sister Cicely (Coe) join Blaise (David) and other friends on the beach the shark attacks anyone in the water.

When the shark starts hunting in any form of water, Mayor Stahl (Johnson) tries to cover up any panic but also doesn’t want to believe that this could be a threat. As the body count continues to rise, Ava must work with Blaise and Cameron to solve the ghost shark mystery before nowhere becomes safe.


Thoughts on Ghost Shark


Characters – Ava is one of the teenagers that is trying to solve the shark mystery, her father is a local boat owner which has gotten her the chance to understand the local water but now she must convince the town of the problem. Blaise is another one of the teenagers trying to solve the mystery and I guess kind of feels like the potential boyfriend. Mayor Stahl is trying to keep the town calm as well as protect his son from a scandal which could expose him. The rest of the character include the local crazy person who knows more than people give him credit for and all the generic characters to be killed off.

PerformanceThe performances do feel solid through the film, we do have moments of poor acting but otherwise nothing is overly special but it does all work for the level the film is trying to reach.

StoryThe idea that a dying shark can transform into a ghost shark that can go through any water, is a good spin on the crazy shark genre. We have the traditional crazy scenarios our characters find themselves in as they start getting picked off by sharks using any means of normal everyday water events. This is one of the ones which is easy to watch and doesn’t full into the completely terrible side.

Fantasy/HorrorThe horror here is shark attacks which as comical in the most part but are the only side of horror involved, the fantasy comes from the idea that a dying creature can come back as a ghost to kill from beyond the grave.

SettingsThe small town settings shows us how a community could be ruined by the incident involving death, we get the character which become everyday moments you would see in your local town.

Special EffectsThe effects are the low budget ones you would expect to see a sci-fi movie, some add the comedy in the film.

Scene of the Movie – That is some bad coffee.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Some scenes are here just to have bikini clad girls.

Final ThoughtsThis is a shark movie you can switch off and watch, it isn’t bad and anything remotely bad turns comical through the film.


Overall: Relaction shark movie




Gangsta (2018)

Director: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah

Writer: Nabil Ben Yadir, Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, Bram Renders, Kobe Van Steenberghe, Hendrick Verthe (Screenplay)

Starring: Matteo Simoni, Nora Charib, Said Boumazoughe, Junes Lazaar


Plot: Antwerp. The lives of four dealer friends, who want to become real life swaggers, spins out of control when they steal a shipment of cocaine. They trigger a full out war between them, an Amsterdam drug lord and the ruthless Colombian cartels.


Runtime: 2 Hours 5 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Twist on the Gangster Genre


Story: Gangsta starts as we meet Adamo (Simoni) a half Italian half Moroccan man growing up in Antwerp with his three best friends, Junes (Lazaar), Volt (Boumazoughe) and Badia (Gharib), the four do everything together and believe in the gangster way of life.

Adamo gets the first break working on trafficking cocaine from Morocco to Antwerp and he brings his friends along for this first chance to shine only for things to get out of hand when the coke goes missing and the friends become targets for the dealers.


Thoughts on Gangsta


Characters – Adamo is the leader of the four he can get the contacts to the drug underworld, which he does showing his confidence walking into that world. he knows how to use his team the best and wants them to have a future outside of the small neighbourhood. Badia is the kick ass of the group, she has studied every Jean-Claude Van Damme movie and will hurt anyone that touches her or her friends. Volt is the loose cannon that is hyper active which can only cause problems as the story unfolds. While Junes completes the gang believe he is all style when fighting. We do get the drug supplies, the bigger deals and the dirty cops to deal with through the film that complete the line up of character like we would expect to see.

PerformancesThe cast do a good job, with Matteo Simoni in the leading role making us believe his wild ambition to be a gangster. Nora Gharib does look like the badass when it comes to the fighting scenes, she seems to make the biggest impact, the rest of the cast are good through the film embracing their characters well.

StoryThe story follows four want to be gangsters as they take their first steps into the deadly world of drugs and soon find enemies as they bring a drug war down on their city. Where this story can stand out from other gangster movies, is by having the film broken down into the chapters of the seven deadly sins which is important to Adamo’s beliefs. Outside this we see the story unfold in the traditional method of everything getting out of hand quicker than the crew can manage and we even get a false ending to trick you into thinking the credits are rolling.

Crime The crime we enter is one the gang want to be part of only to find themselves left in the world they can’t handle when the drug war comes to them.

SettingsThe film is set in Antwerp which beings us a new setting for the drug war because we have seen one on in the places around the locations the characters are coming from.

Scene of the Movie –
The final shoot out.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Failing to use Babia in the final act when we could have seen how deadly she could be.

Final ThoughtsThis is a gangster film with its own style which is one that you will remember, it uses the deadly sins to show how the crime world can be for the people involved.


Overall: Fun stylish gangster flick




Franchise Weekend – Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018)

Director: Hiroyuki Seshita, Kobun Shizuno

Writer: Gen Urobuchi (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Mamoru Miyano, Lucien Dogde, Kana Hanazawa, Ken’yu Horiuchi, Yuki Kaji, Kenta Miyaje


Plot: Humanity’s desperate battle to reclaim the Earth from Godzilla continues. The key to defeating the King of the Monsters may be Mechagodzilla, a robotic weapon thought to have been lost nearly 20,000 years ago.


Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Same Sequel


Story: Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle starts right where the last film finished, our ground teams are lost to the command ships who must make the decision to retreat to safety, Haruo is rescued by a group of surviving humans on Earth, hidden underground, where the remaining ground team including Yuko, Adam and other species must work to figure out how to escape and defeat Godzilla.

Using the knowledge of the remaining humans, Haruo leads the next battle attack on the Godzilla by searching for the long lost Mechagodzilla and with new weapons they can now stand a battle chance in battle.


Thoughts on Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle


Characters – Haruo Sakaki continues his fight against the Godzilla, he shows his leadership skills by offering the soldiers a choice, to stay or fight. He will work with the locals on Earth that no one new existed and now he can finally get his revenge. Metphies continues his shady figure based on religious beliefs from his species, he remains calm through the situations people are going through. Yuko continues to show her willingness to go onto battle proving to be a worthy warrior on the frontline. Godzilla is bigger than the humans does imagine, now the deadly side of it can come into battle.

StoryThe story picks up right where the last one finished, this helps for a sequel, the idea the humans need to prepare for a bigger battle shows us the same story unfolding, the preparation for battle before going head to head with Godzilla, it works and is all we need because constant small battles just would get boring. There are twists with the truths about the species involved fighting with the humans. The sad thing about this story is that it is too similar to the last one in every way which only disappoints on the larger scale of things.

Action/Sci-FiThe action is bigger as is Godzilla this time around, we get a lot of large scale battles being used with explosions all over. The sci-fi world still works well for this film as we see just how far the species will go to try and defeat Godzilla.

SettingsThe film keeps more of the action on the Earth, this shows the different ideas in the past used to try and stop Godzilla with the MechaGodzilla. The abandoned Earth looks wonderful and bleak just like you needed it to be.

AnimationThe animation standard is still high throughout which is what we would expect after the first one.

Scene of the Movie –
The final battle.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Not enough of Godzilla.

Final ThoughtsThis is a solid enough sequel that works well for a Godzilla movie and is pretty much just more of the same.


Overall: Solid sequel.