The Legend of Santa (2021) Short Movie Review

Director: Andrew de Burgh

Writer: Daniel Colyer (Screenplay)

Plot: When a compassionate bishop sees that his woodcarving hobby has the ability to brighten a poor girl’s life, he sets out on a journey to see that children everywhere have the same opportunity.

Runtime: 6 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Legend of Santa starts as we see how a kind-hearted Bishop Saint Nicholas used his woodcarving hobby to help put a smile on a young girls face, seeing the delight on her face, he decides to help his whole city, before going on his own journey to help children around the world.

Thoughts on The Legend of Santa

Final Thoughts The Legend of Santa is a short animated movie that does rely on the music to move the story along, we get to see one man who wanted to make a difference with a good gesture rather than for their own benefit. The animation technique is different to most you would have seen, which helps make what looks like a tale told through generations that would slowly start to lose part of its reality helping with the faded animation vision. Like I always do with short movie, is ask the question, could this be a full feature and the simple answer is yes, this could tell the same story with a bigger emotional impact. We could easily watch this before a full feature too, with the calming presence before the big story.

We Die Alone (2019) Short Movie Review

Director: Marc Cartwright

Writer: Marc Cartwright (Screenplay)

Starring: Samantha Boscarino, Ashley Jones, Baker Chase Powell, Darielle Deigan

Plot: A chance encounter dangerously intertwines the lives of three people with differing perspectives on love.

Runtime: 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Loneliness Shown Perfectly

Story: We Die Alone starts as we meet Aidan (Powell) who struggles to connect with women in everyday life, he tries dating apps, only to not follow through with the dates, but has a strong connection with work colleague Elaine (Jones) but when he meets new neighbour Chelsea (Boscarino).

When Aidan looks to show his courage to finally go through with a date, things go in a different direction that anyone had planned, showing us how life will leave people growing old alone.

Thoughts on We Die Alone

Final Thoughts We Die Alone is a very clever look at how difficult modern dating can be, showing us just how difficult it can be to make or take a chance on a connection, as you will never know who the other person truly is. We get three strong performances from Samantha Boscarino, Ashley Jones and Baker Chase Powell who all show us the struggles their characters are going through. We will see the story go in a direction you won’t see coming. One of the most entertaining way to look at short movies, is questioning whether it could become a full feature, at with this story, we could easily have a longer version, that doesn’t take away anything from the short version either.

Overall: Modern Dating Delight.

Cotton Wool (2017) Short Movie Review

Director: Nicholas Connor

Writer: Nicholas Connor (Screenplay)

Starring: Leanne Best, Crissy Rock, Kate Rutter, Max Vento, Gemma Paige North, Katherine Quinn

Plot: A single mother (Leanne Best) suffers a devastating stroke leaving her teenage daughter (Katherine Quinn) and 7-year-old son (Max Vento) to care for her.

Runtime: 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Important Drama

Story: Cotton Wool starts when single mother Rachel (Best) has a stroke, her children teenager Jennifer (Quinn) and Sam (Vento) are left in her care, with Jennifer needing to start taking responsibility more in life.

Jennifer struggles with the new responsibilities through mixture of fear and unknowing of what to do, but deep down all she wants is what is best for her mother, the one person that has always stuck around for her.

Thoughts on Cotton Wool

Final Thoughts Cotton Wool brings to life the reality that young people, children, teenagers are having to become carers for sick relatives, we get to see the sudden change in the whole family’s life, how unprepared the children are to be in this situation. We see just how the change will change the life of Jennifer more than Sam, how people will be there to support them the best they can. This is important to show us just how helpless the system can be for the family’s that might not get the help they need. The performances in the film are brilliant, everyone in the family, Leanne Best, Max Vento and Katherine Quinn shine, making us believe they are all a real family, dealing with the struggles. This is a short film that you should check out, understand the changes people are going through and offering to help the people in need.

Overall: Must Watch.

Audio Guide (2020) Short Film Review

Director: Chris Elena

Writer: Lee Zachariah (Screenplay)

Starring: Emma Wright, Nyx Calder

Plot: A young woman is told the secrets of the world through an art gallery issued audio guide.

Runtime: 14 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Thought Provoking

Story: Audio Guide starts as Audrey Walker (Wright) is attending an art gallery, along with an audio guide that gives the information on each piece of art, only to learn the guide has the ability to tell people’s life stories, leaving her to want to know more about people and even question the bigger questions in life.

Thoughts on Audio Guide

Final Thoughts Audio Guide brings us one of the most thought provoking films you will see, if you could learn somebody’s life story of somebody, the truth about history and even willing to learn your own future. When it comes to short films, the biggest question, is always going to be, could this become a full-feature, the answer here would be yes, easily and become one of the more fascinating movies of the year. The movie does do something clever, by having everything, but the audio being in silent in how Audrey goes about her day, letting actress Emma Wright use her reaction visualize her feelings to each story she learns. Audio Guide is one of the best ideas in a movie you will see this year, one that offers a deeper discussion about life.

Overall: Must Watch Short Film.

The Tell Tale Heart (2020) Short Movie Review

Director: McClain Lindquist

Writer: McClain Lindquist (Screenplay) Edgar Allan Poe (Story)

Starring: Sonny Grimsley, James C Morris, Mikah Olsen, Teren Turner

Plot: Adapted from Edgar Allen Poe’s original text, this Original psychological thriller Story has been re-imagined in this mind-bending, pulse-pounding, bloody-disgusting short film.

Tagline – Descend Into Madness

Runtime: 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Excellent Twist on a Classic Tale

Story: The Tell Tale Heart starts as Detective Tucker (Turner) and Officer Sharpe (Olsen) arrive at the mansion, greeted by the Narrator (Grimsley) who is being questions about the noises that occurred in the mansion the night before, as he tries to explain the noise, he dives into his own story that drove him to want to get rid of his master the Old Man (Morris) and his evil eye.

Thoughts on The Tell Tale Heart

Final Thoughts Edgar Allan Poe gave us some of the greatest short stories, The Tell Tale Heart is one of the most famous, With this version we do mix modern investigation of what might have happened with the classic narration to show the descent into madness the narrator goes through due to his guilt coming through. We have four characters that are flushed out to feel realistic and to let the actors give us strong performances throughout. The camerawork and settings help increase the descent of the Narrator too, which makes this one of the strongest versions of Poe’s work.

Overall: Must Watch Poe adaptation.