World’s Most Dangerous Paper Route (2019)

Director: Matthew Hausle

Writer: Paul Freedman (Screenplay)


Plot: The story of the unsung heroes who deliver the ‘Stars And Stripes’ military newspaper to soldiers in Afghanistan. Part of the film shows the paper delivery to Camp Lightning after 90 minutes on a Chinook helicopter, two miles up a mountain, and further travel on Humvees.


Runtime: 58 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Important to See How the Stories are Told


Story: World’s Most Dangerous Paper Route starts by telling us what the Stars and Stripes newspaper is and why it was created, to give the American soldiers in the military a chance to read about the stories of conflict they are fighting and has been running for years now, still being used today. We get to see how the journalists and photographers were able to capture some of the most shocking, important and special moments in conflicts.


Thoughts on World’s Most Dangerous Paper Route


Final ThoughtsWhen you look at this documentary you get to see just a newspaper can help tell the truth about war, be it for the real world or more importantly for the soldiers that want to know what they are fighting for. The insight these journalists have in beyond brilliant, we get to see how they can have intimate stories that show how united the soldiers are. We get to see how journalists have worked from the early 1950’s right up to the current affairs issues that have been able to show the conflict, we get to see how the paper has evolved to deal with the change in technology. We get to see the good the paper has created to survivors of the wars. One of the weaknesses comes from the almost glossed over moment of looking at how difficult to deliver the paper is, which wile learning how important the paper is, it would have been interesting to focus more on how difficult it would be to spread the word this paper does. The documentary does connect the members of military that will always be one of the go to for the many people in the services.


Overall: Headline worthy documentary.





Bob Fosse: It’s Showtime! (2019)

Director: Lucia Helenka

Writer: Lucia Helenka, Stephen Arnell (Screenplay)


Plot: A story about the 8 time Tony Award-winning director, choreographer, and cinematographer Bob Fosse which focuses on some of the gray areas of his life and his self-destructive side. It highlights his ability to adapt for each new decade moving from stage, to film, to TV filling the space with artistic genius. Including a specially recorded dance sequence “in the style of Fosse.”


Runtime: 1 Hour


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Fascinating Look Behind the Glitz and Glamour


Story: Bob Fosse: It’ Showtime starts as we see how Bob wanted to work in Hollywood, not making it there first, he ends up diving in choreography on Broadway, it isn’t long before he becomes the most popular pick in town winning Tony Awards for his work, we see how he went onto movies, with only his second movie being Cabaret, before his success went to his head, seeing him turn to his addiction controlling his life, even if he went onto become a legend on the industry.


Thoughts on Bob Fosse: It’s Showtime


Final ThoughtsWe know the name Bob Fosse, because of his legacy, with his reputation in choreography, Oscar Winning movies and Tony Awards, but learning more about the man behind his legacy is interesting to learn like always. We get to see how film critics, modern British music talent who have performed in his creations before and dance experts that all get to talk about the influences that Bob gave them. We do spend a lot of time looking at his lifetime achievements, but one side that becomes even more fascinating is seeing how his work is still being used today to influence the modern creators and even used in modern culture terms. We do get to learn about another man that ended up going through difficult times away from the spotlight where everything seems so bright for them.


Overall: Documentary on an icon.



Method of Murder (2019)

Director: Elliot Manarin


Plot: British author Jacky Rom jets off to LA and Las Vegas on a fact-finding mission to investigate murder weapons, deception, and body disposal methods in order to help inspire her latest crime novel.


Runtime: 1 Hour


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Interesting Look at Building a Character


Story: Method of Murder starts as British author Jacky Rom heads to America to investigate different types of murder, Jackie gets to meet experts in different fields from tattooist, historians and weapons experts in bows and guns, each expert offers information required to find her new killers specialist weapon of choice.

The learning curve Jacky goes through sees how she sees the positive and negative from each potential weapon as she gets to experience the power of different weapons for the first time.


Thoughts on Method of Murder


Final ThoughtsThis documentary gets to dive into the creative methods behind an authors attempt to create a new original style for their killer in a book, let’s be honest, this can make or break a novel because when somebody can find something new, we will be surprised and enjoy this. The best way to find a new way to create a kill would be to learn from the experts in the fields that could give away secrets to how to get away with a crime, this is something we see the detective side of the novel do, meet the specialist to learn secrets, so why not go in reverse. Each field we do enter does show how the people know the pros and cons of weapons which does give the answers Jacky requires. There is part of this documentary that does feel like a sightseeing holiday though, which is fine because seeing somebody being able to mix work with pleasure is always entertaining, see ‘Stephen Fry’s Every State Series’ he got to visit different locations and work with people in different states. This documentary is extremely watchable and does show how people could have twisted ideas going through their head too.


Overall: Documentary that teaches the author how to get away with murder.




Karate in Ontario: The Uphill Battle, The Cost of Raising a Champion (2016)

Director: Maria Morgunova


Plot: In 2015, production of this documentary began. The cause: a disappointing lack of karate tournaments in Ontario. Now, for the first time, we go behind the scenes on the difficult journey of creating karate champions in Ontario. Canadian Karate is based on dedication and enthusiasm of the instructors, coaches, judges, athletes and their parents. Ontario is a very special case in this story. Every day the best of the best are faced with difficulties and hardships created by under-funding, stringent rules and a complete lack of comprehension of higher ups in the fast paced world of Karate in Ontario. 14 Amazing Experts in One Documentary. Leading respected and well-known instructors, referees, and judges will share their experiences and the secrets to their success in this documentary. All of these people have experienced ‘The Uphill Battle’.


Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: The Struggles of a Lesser Known Athlete


Story: Karate in Ontario: The Uphill Battle, The Cost of Raising a Champion starts by showing us the history of karate in Ontario, through different dojos, gyms or school which have different methods from their teachers to teach karate to different levelled of skilled people athletes. We get to see the financial problems people or parents would face to just get started in the skill of karate, proving that it just isn’t going to be affordable for most families.

With the financial problems from just being able to train, comes the next big step, competition and just how difficult it is for the residents in Ontario, where the rules prevent competitive competition. With this documentary we get to look at how difficult a less pubic sport will face when it comes to raising the best of a generation because of lack of funding behind everything and the unrealistic pricing of being able to prove themselves as athletes.


Thoughts on Karate in Ontario: The Uphill Battle, The Cost of Raising a Champion


Final ThoughtsThis documentary does show us the frustration of the people involved in the karate community in Ontario, we see their passion to teach and see champions created, but how they are restricted by unfair rules and financial problems about supporting the sport. We get to see how the spotlight is shone upon a sport that doesn’t get the mainstream attention that football, cricket, golf or tennis have, which shows us just how difficult the encouragement of these athletes can be. The important side of this documentary is, that we don’t have a preaching nature which documentaries can fall into, we get a honest and open look at how this sport is being treated, just looking for a fair way to achieve finding the best athletes. One side of the documentary which would have been interesting, would be an inclusion of at least one karate bout, which we are trying to encourage people to support.


Overall: This is an important Documentary that shows us just how difficult being an athlete in a non-mainstream sport can be, with the rules and financial restrictions making it feel like they must jump through hurdles to compete.




They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)

Director: Peter Jackson


Plot: A documentary about World War I with never-before-seen footage to commemorate the centennial of the end of the war.


Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Eye Opener


Story: They Shall Not Grow Old starts as the First World War begins as we follows through the stories of multiply men that lied about joining the army, followed their preparations before leaving for battle and learning how the men must learn how deadly the war was. We go through countless accounts of the life and experiences of the war, through clips that have been remastered to show the colour from the original black and white footage.


Thoughts on They Shall Not Grow Old


Final ThoughtsThis is one of the best technical achievements in documentary film making, we get the see the footage that was only ever seen in black and white, restored to colour which shows us more of the harsh realities of war. Having the countless accounts from the former soldiers, where just weren’t prepared for going into war, seeing how almost pointless what they were doing was even after meeting the German soldiers too. This is an impress eye opening look at one of the biggest wars in history, the lives they were living both during and after the war which shows just how lost the generation could have been in this world.


Overall: This is easily one of the most important documentaries you will see.