Blood Brother (2018) Movie Review


Blood Brother is an intense thriller that will show the broken bond between friends

Director: John Pogue

Writer: Michael Finch, Karl Gajdusek (Screenplay)

Starring: Trey Songz, Jack Kesy, China Anne McClain, Hassan Johnson, Fetty Wap, Tanee McCall

Plot: The lives of two best friends take different paths when Jake goes to prison to protect his friends, and Chris turns things around to become a police officer. Released after 15 years, Jake seeks revenge against his friends.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Blood Brother starts as we see how close Sonny and Jake were as youths. Before an incident sees their paths go down very different paths. Sonny (Songz) grew up to become a cop, with connections around neighbourhood. Jake (Kesy) serves time for murder.

Whan Jake gets released from prison he returns to the neighbourhood. Setting out on a mission to get revenge on Jake for what happened 15 years ago. Leading to Sonny needing to clear his name.

Thoughts on Blood Brother

Blood Brother is an action thriller that will see former friends going head to head after falling on different sides of the law after an incident in their past. This will have a nice pace about how everything unfolds. Showing the intense race across the town to stop the recently released criminal from committing more crimes. Exposing the truth about the young version of the cops involvement in the same incident.

The story is kept tight, while never seemingly letting more of the story breath, leading to the same interactions between the characters. Which do take away from the bigger picture that could come from the truth. The performances are good from the whole cast, nobody looks out of place in this one, they will give us the believable amount of resentment for what has happened too.

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