Bad Romance – Release News

Chad Hamilton’s neo-noir comedy tells a tale of finding love, friendship, and yourself in the most hopeless of times.  Available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Tubi this Valentine’s Day.

Finding true love isn’t easy, and having to find true love for a second time is heartbreaking. The solution? Find your new soul mate and make friends by getting people to help you find your late wife’s killer, of course!

Rob is the loneliest of loners. He is so desperate to find love that he constructs an absurd (and quite cinematic) plot to meet and impress women: he is tracking a man by the name of Jack S. who killed his wife to seek revenge, which – to him – is obviously an insanely loyal and courageous thing to do. Hannah, a seductive bartender who used to be married to a man named Jack S., agrees to help Rob track him down – a perfect excuse to get closer to (the now single) Hannah and to do everything he can to become exactly who she wants in her ideal guy. But little does Rob know that some of the people he meets along the way have intentions that turn Rob’s reality upside down – or is it right-side up?

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