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American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002)



Following up the the smash hit American Psycho starring Christian Bale. This one starts with a young Rachael  killing the know fully evolved Patrick Bateman.

A few years pass and know college student Rachael Newman (Mila Kunis) is studying to become a FBI profiler helping stop serial killers. The first step in her plan is to become teaching aid to former FBI profiler Starkman (William Shatner). There is a problem with her plan she isn’t the only one up for the job and her murderous side comes out can she get the job before getting discovered?

This is considered one of the worst sequels of all time which is a shame as an individual film this could stand up on its own, having nothing to do with the true original it should have just been a clever slasher type film. If this was released now it could easily be sold on Mila Kunis which would have helped increase the number of views instead of being straight to DVD. In fairness Mila Kunis does a very good job carrying this film creating an almost innocent psychopath filled with a creepy side.

My Rating 70%

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