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ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – C – City of Tiny Lights (2016) Movie Review


Director: Peter Travis

Writer: Patrick Neate (Screenplay)

Starring: Riz Ahmed, Billie Piper, James Krishna Floyd, Cush Jumbo, Roshan Seth, Hannah Rae

Plot: In the teeming, multicultural metropolis of modern-day London, a seemingly straightforward missing-person case launches a down-at-heel private eye into a dangerous world of religious fanaticism and political intrigue.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: City of Tiny Lights starts when small time private investigator Tommy Akhtar (Ahmed) navigates the streets of London for his latest case from Melody Chase (Jumbo) searching for a missing prostitute.

When Tommy starts digging deeper, he finds himself getting attention from people he doesn’t want in his life, while he starts looking back on his own life when he reconnects with a former love Shelley (Piper) who shares the same tragic past with him.

Thoughts on City of Tiny Lights

ThoughtsCity of Tiny Lights is a crime mystery thriller that will see a small-time street-smart private investigating getting a case that is bigger than anything he normally gets, one that will see him becoming the target of the people he is investigating. This mystery will build a nice web of different directions that this could end up going, leaving us with only Tommy’s mindset behind each incident we are seeing unfold. The performance from Riz Ahmed is brilliant, showing he is one of the best talents in the industry, with the supporting cast help the unease in the character’s mindset through each scene in the movie. This is a gritty tough thriller, that will give us plenty to figure out along the way.

Final Thoughts City of Tiny Lights is gritty raw journey through the crime world in London.

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