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ABC Film Challenge – Favourite Films – E – Event Horizon


Favourite Films


This month we are going to be taking on the films I enjoy, my favourites of all time. I have a strange taste in movies, so be ready to expect some true greats and some you could never see on anyone’s favourites list. I will only be picking movies on this list and it will just be my discussing my picks rather than giving full reviews.

Event Horizon

Why I’ve Picked this choiceIn the world of Sci-Fi the mainstream is the wild fantasy adventures of Star Wars and Star Trek or the bleak futures, when it comes to horror Alien has almost cornered the market. This movie came out in 1997 and gather quite the cult following.

We follow a rescue crew who must investigate the return of a ship long thought to have vanished in a black hole, but not everything is what it seems as we follow the crew living through their own nightmares.

We have an amazing cast with Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and Jason Isaacs and from a director that I always enjoy his wild action horror movies Paul W.S. Anderson. For me this is one for any sci-fi horror fan to enjoy.

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