ABC Film Challenge – Catch-Up 2021 – M – Me, Myself & Di (2021) Movie Review ‘Enjoyable Comedy’

Director: Chris Green

Writer: Samantha Lloyd (Screenplay)

Starring: Katy Clayton, Lucy Pinder, James Lance, Tyger Drew-Honey, Will Mellor, Larry Lamb, Will Snape

Plot: When Bridget Jones-type Janet wins the trip of a lifetime, she’s convinced by her best friend to pretend to be the opposite of who she actually is, in the hope of finding love – But it’s only when she becomes herself again that Janet gets close to her happy ever after.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Me, Myself and Di starts as Janet (Clayton) is celebrating her 30th birthday where the community love her kind fun loving nature, but she hasn’t found herself finding love yet. Her birthday doesn’t go to plan when her latest date just ignores her, but things turn around when she wins a holiday away, wanting to take her best friend Di (Pinder).

As the pair head off to the caravan site, Janet looks to try and be more recognizable, only for her to see a different side to Di, where she starts to question how valid their friendship really is, while finding herself along the way.

Thoughts on Me, Myself and Di

ThoughtsMe, Myself and Di is a romantic comedy about finding yourself no matter what your age, showing us how needing to break out of a cycle. This will show the importance of friendship, both within how you treat each other and understanding how certain people in your life might feel about you. Janet is one of the most likable characters you will see on screen, with her pure positive happy-go-lucky personality, despite holding back her own loneliness. Katy Clayton makes this character come off perfectly through this film. When it comes to the rest of the character Diana fills the uncertain best friend who is used to being the centre of attention, given her own situation to try and understand, which will help understand why she is acting certain ways in the film. The caravan holiday location plays into what we would know in the UK, with the affordable holidays at home. This is a movie that will leave you smiling, with how it all goes, knowing things can go from good to bad at a click of a fingers and back again.

Final Thoughts Me, Myself and Di is an enjoyable comedy that is truly British in storytelling.

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