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6 Toy Story Characters Who Could Have a Spin Off Movie


6 Toy Story Characters Who Could Have a Spin Off Movie

Lightyear is coming to the cinemas on the 17th of June 2022, where we get to see Buzz Lightyear going on his very own adventure. With a big twist on how this adventure unfolds, with what looks like it is within the world of where the toy is made from. Lightyear might not have had the greatest number of fans. When it was announced with a new voice in Chris Evans taking over, but after the first few trailers. People seem to have come around to what looks like a harmless animated movie.

Today, I am going to look at other characters in the Toy Story world that could have their own sequels and what they could involve.

Woody & Bo Peep

Bo Peep & Woody leave Toy Story 4 to have their own adventures. Woody finally moving away from his obsession of having an owner, be it Andy or Bonnie. He sees the adventures Bo Peep has been on having, and the two could have endless adventures. Helping other toys that find themselves lost, damaged or abandoned. This could take an even darker tone than we have seen before, see them using the forbidden idea of moving around humans. Having that be why they are being hunted down. A human sees them operating, wanting to prove toys are real. The other side to why this would work so well, is because throughout the films. The two have always had a unique bond with Bo being the only person that Woody ever truly talks to about his own insecurities.

Rex & Trixie

Rex is the T-Rex that has been in the franchise since the first film, he is the innocent figure of the collection. Often made fun off by the others while laughing it off most times, always the first to volunteer for adventures though. Trixie joins in Toy Story 3 as one of Bonnie’s toys that helps Woody lead the rescue of his friends from the day-care centre. With Trixie’s skills and Rex curiosity, we could have endless ideas for the pair to find themselves in trouble, away from the rest of the group.


Jessie has one of the biggest heart-breaking moments in the whole franchise. When you see how she was abandoned by her owner after giving her all the love, warning Woody, this will happen to him. Woody argues not all kids are like her Emily. An easy option is to have Jessie take over from Woody with the rest of the gang. But we want to look at a more personal adventure for her. Where Jessie has the time before she was abandoned, we don’t need to go there. We could easily see some of the time between this, before Big Al adds her to the collection. Jessie could bring a new perspective to the world. As most of Toy Story has put a big point on male associated toys, while Jessie could build upon the female ones.


Andy might not be one of the toys, he has grown up over the years and wanted the best for his older toys. Passing them onto Bonnie before college. Turning the story onto Andy would be him taking the adult role. With his children wanting to see the toys he once grew up with. Especially with the more modern technology-based entertainment children have. The idea would be focused on searching for the favourites, going through garage sales, antique shops or even museum. Where Andy would tell a story about each toy and what he meant to him growing up.

Ducky & Bunny

Ducky & Bunny will bring us two of the new characters. This double act stuck together go on the wild adventures to escape. The pair have excellent chemistry, with the idea of them always getting into trouble. Their completely wacky ideas to escape coming to life. Which were some of the highlights from the movie when we saw the pair. This might well be the weakest of the ideas. With the right pair of hands, we could get plenty of laughs along the way.

Duke Caboom

Duke Caboom is the famous stunt man that helps Woody on the adventure. He likes taking risks with everything he does, he is like Buzz. Where he believes his own hype and completes the stunts without everything seeming possible. He could be teamed up with a host of other characters to bring his wild adventures or rescues of other toys to the big screen. We need more Keanu Reeves doing voice overs of a slick action star. This is everything we need to see more from.

Which Toy Story characters would you like to see have their own movie?

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