5 Reasons to be Excited for 65


5 Reasons to be excited for 65

65 is coming to the cinema this week. It looks like it will follow traditional sci-fi horror rules of one person needing to protect a younger person from deadly enemies. I am personally excited to see this movie in what a packed March schedule for movies is already.

There will only be speculation from what I have seen in the trailers, so no spoilers for the actual movie.

Here are 5 Reasons to be Excited for 65

1 – Dinosaurs

Ever since Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston’s team changed how we saw dinosaurs in ‘Jurassic Park’. We have been given plenty of brilliant dinosaurs appearing on screen. Even if the movies don’t live up to the same expectation as the original Jurassic Park. However, dinosaurs are a major selling point for any movie and seeing a fresh approach makes me want to see it more.

On paper, this does look like the ‘Planet of the Apes’ with dinosaurs. It does following an astronaut that finds himself in a new world, that is being advertised as travelling through time. While this one looks like it is going back in time, it could easily do a full-circle spin on the ideas previously used.

2 – Driver at the Wheel

Adam Driver is an actor that has a massive reputation and a huge following. However, when you dive into his filmography, he has never been the one with the whole movie on his back. This isn’t a dig at his career, but an air of excitement to see him become a star we can see carry a movie. We know how talented he is, and this is a chance for him to get a fun action sci-fi movie under his belt.

3 – Original

March is a packed month for movies, however, most of the biggest is going to be sequels or franchise movies. We have had ‘Creed III’ and still have ‘Scream VI’, ‘Shazam Fury of the Gods’ and ‘John Wick Chapter Four’. 65 brings us an original movie that could be a lot of fun. This is something people have called for, more original movies, in an era where we are getting a lot of fun original horror movies.

4 – Writing Team

65 is written by the team that brought us ‘A Quiet Place’ screenplay writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. We all know how well that movie was received by the world. As we get to see this team reunite, we get to see what is next and we are going in with high expectations.

5 – Short and Sweet

65 is going to be the shortest of all the big movies being released in the cinema during March. This has been a talking point for a while now, the length of movies. We have been getting some that are exceeding the 3 hours. 65 is going to offer us an all-or-nothing hour and a half of entertainment not filling the story with too much unnecessary filler.

What are some of the reasons you are excited to see 65?

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