5 Films I Have Never Seen

When you say you haven’t seen certain film people always react in different ways and even though I have been doing the challenge with Movie Rob there are still a surprising amount of films that I haven’t seen. Today I am going to pick just a few that I haven’t seen, I won’t be giving reasons why I haven’t seen them and I do plan on changing this in the future.

5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


4. Full Metal Jacket


3. Taxi Driver


2. Goodfellas


1.       Top Guntop gun


  1. These aren’t that shocking, but I totally understand that stigma. The way I look at it you have some amazing movies to watch. I wish I could watch some of those again for the first time 😉 Taxi Driver would my vote. It’s a hard one to advertize or hype up, story wise; however, it’s well worth the watch. I’d love to read your review.

  2. You can live forever without seeing Top Gun. FMJ was filmed partly in London, with imported palm trees! The first half in the training camp is first-rate though. Goodfellas and Taxi Driver really are must-sees. Cuckoo’s Nest is an acquired taste, and probably works better on stage.
    It doesn’t get much better than Goodfellas, as far as modern American film-making goes. It really doesn’t.
    Regards, Pete.

  3. I’ve seen 4 out of 5. You’re really not missing much but not seeing them. Especially Top Gun. Even as a kid in the 80’s when it came out I realize it was utter crap.

    • it is funny there 2 are on different reason why i havent seen them, Full Metal isn’t one i want to really see but Top GUn is one that just avoids me

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