Satan’s Slaves Communion (2022) Movie Review


Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion – Movie Review

Director: Joko Anwar (Impetigore)

Writer: Joko Anwar (Screenplay)


  • Tara Basro
  • Endy Arfian
  • Nasar Annuz
  • Bront Palarae
  • Ratu Felisha

Plot: When the heavy storm hits, it wasn’t the storm that a family should fear but the people and non-human entities who are out for them

Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion starts as Rini (Basro) and her younger siblings Toni (Arfian) and Bondi (Annuz) move to a new block of flats. They are hoping to start a fresh life after what happened to them before.

Seeing a new life with plenty of people around them, they believe they will be safe. Only tragedy continues to follow them after an accident in the building leads to many deaths. Now the family must come together once again to fight back against the evil that has continued to follow them.

Verdict on Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion

Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion is a horror mystery sequel from Indonesia. It reunites the surviving members of the first film as they look to start a new life. Only for them to find the terror has continued to follow them and target the residents of their new building.

Joko Anwar continues his disturbing journey in horror by once again diving into cultural beliefs to bring horror out of them. He creates some terrifying jump scares, horrifically built-up moments of tension and brutal imagery. This is a horror that will stick with you because of the horrors you are put through. It has a relentless nature that never stops.

Where to Watch: Satan’s Slaves 2 Communion is available on Shudder.

Final ThoughtsSatan’s Slaves 2 Communion is a terrifying horror that keeps the relentless scares coming.

ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – A – Against the Clock (2019) Movie Review


Director: Mark Polish

Writer: Mark Polish (Screenplay)

Starring: Johnny Pemberton, Dianna Agron, Andy Garcia, James Frain, Justin Bartha, Jay Karnes, Bar Paly, Mark Polish

Plot: A CIA agent is sent on a mission and ends up in a coma. CIA want to extract intel from his brain a lethal way but his wife says no. His comatose mind is active. She decides to investigate.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Against the Clock starts when Kelley Chandler (Polish) is injured on his latest mission, he is left in a coma. Tess (Argon), Kelley’s wife wants to support him through the coma, knowing the CIA will want to get inside his head, which will see her starting to investigate what happened.

Gerald Hotchkiss (Garcia) runs the program which can explore the mind of a comatose patient and wants to use it to learn the information he has discovered, it is left to Peter Hobbs (Bartha) to try and convince Tess to let his mind free.

Thoughts on Against the Clock

Characters & Performances – Tess is the wife of the victim, she refuses to let the CIA gain accent to his mind, using her own investigatory stills to learn what he discovered. She is determined not to let the CIA get the information that will end up killing her husband. This is a strong character Dianna Agron gets to bring us, being one of the few ground characters in the film. Kelley is the husband of Tess, he has been injured in an attack leaving him in a coma, his mind is still very active, with him going through a host of experiences to unlock what he remembers, fighting his own mind along the way. Mark Polish takes this role alongside his directing duty, he does do a lot of the work away from the rest of the cast against the visions of his mind. Gerald Hotchkiss is running the program that wants the information that Kelley has and will push his people into getting it at any means necessary. Andy Garcia is here, doing all he can with his role in the film, offering up more of the back story going on. The rest of the cast don’t get to make the impact they would like either in the film, leaving a lot of the film is struggle to make an impact.

StoryThe story here follows the wife of a CIA agent fighting against the CIA about who is going to have control of his mind after he is place into a coma, with both wanting to get the information he has gathered. When it comes to this story, we are entering the place where things get messy. The concept is an idea we have seen similar ideas to in the past, look as Source Code for the best example of this. We find ourselves dealing with a lot of weird vision material, which is lots of quick cuts, while being the same all the time too. The story is trying to dig into a bigger attack potentially coming, which we don’t get enough focus on, leaving us without much going on other than the control of power.

ThemesAgainst the Clock is a sci-fi thriller that is trying so hard to give us something more edgy, it feels to use the effects to create the tension is desires, leaving us feeling like we could have had more, instead of the fuzzy visions, which could work well, but end up feeling like they give us a headache.

Final Thoughts Against the Clock is a thriller that gets lost in the execution of the story.

Mummies – First Look


Mummies – First Look

Warner Bros. Pictures’ animated adventure feature film “Mummies”, from the Spanish director Juan Jesús García Galocha. Starring the voices of Joe Thomas (“The Inbetweeners”, “White Gold”), Eleanor Tomlinson (“The nevers”, “Jack the Giant Slayer”, “The illusionist”), Santiago Winder (“The Hope Rooms), Celia Imrie (“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”), and Dan Starkey (“Doctor Who”), Hugh Bonneville (“Paddington”, “Downtown Abbey”, “Notting Hill) and Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”, “The martian” “The Lord of the Rings”).


In Egypt, in the bowels of the earth, there is a 3000-year-old city of mummies. By imperial mandate, Princess Nefer has to marry Thut, but neither wants to do so: Nefer craves freedom and Thut is allergic to commitment. But the gods’ wishes are inescapable, and Thut will have to marry Nefer in just seven days. Bringing to the wedding the ancient ring that the Pharaoh has given him.

Meanwhile, on the surface of the earth, Lord Silvester Carnaby carries out an archaeological expedition in which, for the first time, he finds something relevant. An Egyptian tomb where in addition to several trophies, he finds a wedding ring. It is his opportunity to go down in history, and make his dream come true. But he does not count on the fact that this ring already has an owner…

When Thut discovers his ring has been stolen, he has no choice but to climb into the human world and infiltrate present-day London. He is accompanied by his younger brother Sekhem. An eight-year-old boy wanting to recover Thut’s racing hero status; and Croc, a baby crocodile and Sekhem’s pet. As well as Nefer, who takes the opportunity to flee the marriage and pursue her dreams. Together, the three mummies will have to navigate modern-day London, recover the ring that Lord Silvester Carnaby has stolen. Something that was not in Thut and Nefer’s plans, learn to like each other.

The Takeover (2022) Movie Review


The Takeover – Movie Review

Director: Annemarie van de Mond

Writer: Hans Erik Kraan, Tijs van Marle (Screenplay)


  • Holly Mae Brood
  • Geza Weisz
  • Frank Lammers
  • Susan Radder
  • Walid Benmbarek

Plot: Framed for murder after uncovering a privacy scandal, an ethical hacker must evade the police while trying to track down the criminals blackmailing her.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Takeover starts when hacker Mel Bandison (Brood) goes after a company with a trojan horse. In the morning, Mel finds herself being questioned before a video emerges of her killing another well-known hacker.

Mel must go on the run with a new friend Thomas (Weisz) turning to her mentor to help her understand what has happened. She must clear her name before becoming the latest victim of the major company covering up their trail.

Verdict on The Takeover

The Takeover is an action thriller following a hacker that gets herself in deeper than she expected. She becomes the prime suspect in the murder of another hacker. This leaves her with the police and criminals hunting her down, leading her to use her connections to escape.

The movie brings us a movie that feels a lot like a blend of ‘Enemy of the States’ and ‘Eagle Eye’. Taking the tropes of a person on the run with both sides chasing them. needing to use their own smarts to escape the situation, while a bigger threat is ongoing.

This is a tidy action thriller, but it doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. If you are a fan of the genre, you will enjoy the movie. Just don’t expect anything groundbreakingly original.

Where to Watch: The Takeover is available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts The Takeover is an easy-to-watch action thriller.