See How They Run (2022) Movie Review


See How They Run – Movie Review

Director: Tom George

Writer: Mark Chappell (Screenplay)


Plot: In the West End of 1950s London, plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered.

Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: See How They Run starts in the aftershow of the Agatha Christe play Mousetrap. Film director Leo Kopernick (Brody) is killed and left on stage for everyone to see. Inspector Stoppard (Rockwell) and Constable Stalker (Ronan) take the names and ask the questions.

As the pair lead their investigation, they must learn about the prime suspects. Film producer John Woolf (Shearsmith), screenwriter Mervyn Cocker-Norris (Oyelowo), theatre owner Petula Spencer (Wilson) and many others. As the investigation takes twists and turns, they must solve the murder before it is too late.

Verdict on See How They Run


Constable Stalker is an over-eager rookie on the force. She jumps into cases with both feet and a positive attitude. Stalker takes notes of everything she sees, as she is desperate to pass her upcoming exams. She does get starstruck around Richard Attenborough, while the investigation continues.

Inspector Stoppard is the lead investigator on the case, he is laid back about solving it while turning to his addictions along the way. He does look to do the right thing and even if his methods are not always the best.

When it comes to the list of suspects, we dive into the cast and crew. Like with many murder mysteries, we get a string of potential suspects, each having their potential motivation. These supporting characters are fun to watch and learn about their strengths and weaknesses.


Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell are both wonderful together, with Saoirse being perky and positive, while Sam is more beaten down by life. In the supporting cast, we get the different suspects who all shine in their quirky roles throughout the film.


The story follows two police officers that must investigate the murder within the West End theatre. It sees everything look like they could be a suspect and the police officers must get to the bottom of the case before the killer strikes again.

The story is very clever, it openly mocks a certain style of a murder mystery. This plays perfectly into how the case unfolds as the movie is filled with puns along the way. Plenty of clues point the fingers at different suspects, which keep us guessing along the way.

Everything in told in a lighter tone, to keep the story feeling engaging throughout too. This is a joy to watch and a story that keeps you wanting more.


See How They Run is a mystery comedy that dives into a murder in 1950s West End. It thrives in the era, with costumes, music and set design. This helps suck us into the environment that gives us a truly enjoyable movie experience. The comedy hits well, with puns or eccentric versions of characters along the way.

Final Thoughts See How They Run is a truly delightful movie, with laughs, a mystery and brilliant performances.

Wicked Ones (2020) Movie Review


Wicked Ones – Movie Review

Director: Tory Jones

Writer: Tory Jones, Nathan Thomas Milliner (Screenplay)


  • Richard Leo Hunt
  • Katie Stewart
  • Dale Miller
  • Skyler Guthrie
  • Morgan Pyle

Plot: While returning to Carpenter Falls, The Lawson family come to their final confrontation with The Wicked One, a serial killer with whom their last encounter has haunted them for a decade.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wicked Ones starts as the Lawson family returns to Carpenter Falls. Alex (Stewart), Adam (Miller), rockstar Daniel (Guthrie), Kendal (Pyle) and Jenna (Botkin) are here for a concert. Adam and Alex start seeing the memories haunting them.

As the concert starts, the killers return and start another rampage through the town. The Lawson’s face a new challenge, to protect their children from the Wicked One (Hunt).

Verdict on Wicked Ones


Alex and Adam have returned to their hometown, years after the previous attack. Alex starts seeing her dead friend warning her about the dangers in the town. She wants the police to help her find her children who have gone missing.

Daniel and Jenna are the teenage children who while out partying after a concert go missing. They must show their unity to survive after they get attacked by the escaped killers.

The Wicked One and the Mathis siblings are the killers who have returned to continue their rampage. They know whom they have to target, as they look to complete the rampage, they started years before. It makes them come off more psychotic than first thought, as they play with their victims.


When we look at the performances, we get the typical slasher performances. Katie Stewart and Dale Miller return from the first movie. The newcomers do well too, getting into the fights needing to survive.


The story follows the Lawson family as they return to Carpenter Falls years after surviving a serial killer attack. It doesn’t take long before the killers come back to haunt them, looking to finish what they started.

This does follow a typical slasher serial killer story that does create the menace they are showing. It creates peril for the family as they need to fight to survive, with most of the supporting characters used for creative kills. This is a simple slasher and doesn’t offer anything more to the slasher genre.


Wicked Ones is a slasher horror movie that goes down the typical path of the subgenre. It gives us twisted killers that play with their victims but fails to give us any suspense. The kills are effective but also don’t feel like anything fresh.

Final Thoughts Wicked Ones is a by-the-book slasher horror.

ABC Film Challenge – 00’s Movies – I – The History Boys (2006) Movie Review


This is under I because of the teacher Irwin that comes into the lives of the schoolboys.

Director: Nicholas Hytner

Writer: Alan Bennett (Screenplay) Alan Bennett (Play)

Starring: Samuel Anderson, James Corden, Stephen Campbell Moore, Richard Griffiths, Frances de la Tour, Andrew Knott, Russell Tovey

Plot: An unruly class of gifted and charming teenage boys are taught by two eccentric and innovative teachers, as their headmaster pushes for them all to get accepted into Oxford or Cambridge.

Tagline – History. It’s just one bloody thing after another.

Runtime: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The History Boys starts when a group of schoolboys Crowther (Anderson), Timms (Corden), Lockwood (Knott), Rudge (Tovey), Scripps (Parker), Posner (Barnett), Akhtar (Dhawan) and Dakin (Cooper) have been selected as the best chance for the school to have students head to Oxford.

As the regular teachers have their own plan to push the students, it is newly hired Irwin (Campbell Moore) that looks to push the students to the next level, showing them a new view on life.

Thoughts on The History Boys

ThoughtsThe History Boys is a comedy drama that shows how a group of school boys were hoping for Oxford, they will find new inspiration from a younger teacher, who has seen the change in the world, knows what it takes to stand out in the applications. The performances from the younger actors work well together, they show great chemistry throughout the different moments they go through the studies. The different teachers show us the different approaches taken to help guide the next generation into the biggest stage of their lives. The story is about pointing out that to be educated, you need to open up a conversation about history, rather than just state the facts. The comedy is based on the time era the film is set, which will get laughs, even if the mentality is outdated.

Final Thoughts The History Boys is a life defining movie that hits all the inspirations, without going down the unrealistic goal chasing ideas.

End of the Road (2022) Movie Review


End of the Road – Movie Review

Director: Millicent Shelton

Writer: David Loughery (Screenplay)

Writer: Christopher J Moore (Story)


  • Queen Latifah (Hustle)
  • Ludacris (F9)
  • Beau Bridges (Max Payne)
  • Mychala Lee
  • Shaun Dixon

Plot: In this high-octane action thriller, a cross-country road trip becomes a highway to hell for Brenda and her family. Alone in the New Mexico desert, they have to fight for their lives when they become the targets of a mysterious killer.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: End of the Road starts as Brenda (Latifah) must relocate her family, Kelly (Lee) and Cam (Dixon) across America. They are joined by Brenda’s brother Reggie (Ludacris) for the trip, as the family tries to regroup after her husband and their father’s death.

When the family overhear a murder in the room next door, they find themselves getting involved in bigger problems. After Reggie takes a bag of money from the room, they find themselves being hunted down by killers in New Mexico.

Verdict on End of the Road


Brenda is a widowed mother who is forced into relocating her family across America. She is an ER nurse, which shows how easily she can operate under pressure. Brenda can break down any problems they are facing and must step up when they clash with a cartel gang.

Reggie is Brenda’s brother who agrees to join the family on the road trip. He is seen as a slacker, but he can get the jobs done with how he handles everything in life. Reggie ends up getting the family in trouble and finds himself wanting to fix the problems.

Kelly & Cam are Brenda’s children who aren’t happy about moving across the country. They are still grieving the loss of their father while being typical children in road trip movie.


Queen Latifah is wonderful in the leading role, going completely against type, being a strong determined action star. This works well because we are used to seeing Ludacris in all action roles in the Fast franchise. The rest of the cast do well, even if they don’t get too much more than the typical characters to work with.


The story follows a family that is travelling to relocate after the death of the husband and father. Their trip takes a turn for the worse when they hear a murder and start getting tracked by a killer hunting for their missing money.

Like many road trip movies where things go wrong, this keeps the story on the edge of your seat, as we left to see if they can make it. the movie leans heavily into a racial undertone, which shows the difficult travelling situations the family face.

The journey itself is filled with peril that does put their lives in danger but they never feel like they are in true danger, despite being against a ruthless criminal. Deep down this story is about bringing a family closer together after a tragic death months before and seeing their lives changed.


End of the Road is an action thriller that follows a family who gets caught up against a ruthless criminal in New Mexico. It has family cars in car chases and some fun one-liners along the way. Things might not ever feel completely intense but by the end of the film, it offers enough action to keep us along for the ride.

Where to Watch:  End of the Road is available on Netflix

Final Thoughts End of the Road is a fun, against-type casting action movie.

No Limit (2022) Movie Review


No Limit – Movie Review

Director: David M Rosenthal

Writer: David M Rosenthal (Screenplay)


  • Sofiane Zermani
  • Camille Rowe (The Deep House)
  • Cesar Domboy (The Walk)
  • Zacharie Chasseriaud (Among the Living)
  • Laurent Fernandez (22 Bullets)

Plot: Roxana Aubrey decides to drop her studies and escape her life in Paris for a freediving course in the south of France. She is quickly pulled into a life that reaches new depths brought by the weight of an ocean’s descent.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: No Limit starts when Roxana (Rowe) decides to drop her studies and escape to the south of France to learn freediving. It doesn’t take long before Roxana gets involved in a relationship with champion free diver Pascal (Zermani). This sees her needing to learn fast about the world she is now in.

As Roxana learns the sport, she sees the dangers involved, as well as the thrills it can offer. She starts to take part, where she starts to find herself competing to new levels she never imagined.

Verdict on No Limit

No Limit is a romantic sports drama that follows a young woman who gets drawn into freediving. This shows her interest in learning how to take part in the sport and learning the dangers involved. She prepares herself to take part while seeing what the sport has done to a champion.

The movie shows the fine line between passion for a sport and romance. Showing how the two become one, as the desires take over. The movie does address how dangerous competition is.

Camille Rowe is excellent in the leading role, showing the young woman wanting to step away from her plain life to risk more. While showing the problems she has faced in her life.

Where to Watch: No Limit is available on Netflix

Final ThoughtsNo Limit is a dramatic look at how sports can become a dangerous obsession.