The Skunk Ape Experiments – Release News


New Docuseries Goes Beyond the Headlines of Florida Swamps Into the Hunt for the Elusive “Florida Bigfoot”, the Skunk Ape.

Los Angeles, CA–Every day, new headlines launch about Florida Men, but OutKast Paranormal takes a look at Florida Men in a way you’ve never seen before: on the hunt for the Florida Bigfoot, the elusive skunk ape. The new docuseries from cryptid crusader Stacy Brown Jr and executive producer James Brost asks: does something exist in the Florida swamps that even tabloids wouldn’t believe?

The Skunk Ape Experiments debuts on major streaming platforms on August 2nd, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW. 

The Skunk Ape Experiments Debuts on Cable VOD and Digital HD from 1091 Pictures August 2nd

Brown leads his bearded cast on three different investigations that are woven together to keep the experience moving. As the team explores central Florida’s biggest gator infested hell-hole – Myakka River State Park. These investigations look into what feral beasts hide in the swamps. Whether a neighborhood has been “cursed” for seeing too much in the moss, and what really happened in Crowley House, a manor with a history of hauntings, UFO sightings, and mysterious beasts.

The Skunk Ape Experiments are the first three films of the live-action, graphic-novel series. That follows OutKast Paranormal, a rag-tag group of Florida Men. As they tackle the most insane experiments in hopes of finding proof of a Florida Bigfoot AKA Skunk Ape. Stacy Brown Jr. (The Skunk Ape Lives, “Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty”), Ryan ‘RPG’ Golembeske (“Finding Bigfoot”, “Expedition Bigfoot”) and paranormal researcher James Brost lead this bearded cast. On three different investigations as the team explores central Florida’s Myakka River State Park. Don’t let the Spanish moss dancing in a gentle breeze and sun-bathing gators fool you: Once night falls, everything hunts, kills and feeds and nobody is crazy enough to charge the swamps at night like OutKast Paranormal.

Prey for the Devil – Release News


Lionsgate presents Prey for the Devil in cinemas 28 October

In response to a global rise in demonic possessions, the Catholic Church reopens exorcism schools to train priests in the Rite of Exorcism. On this spiritual battlefield, an unlikely warrior rises: a young nun, Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers).

Although nuns are forbidden to perform exorcisms, a professor (Colin Salmon) recognises Sister Ann’s gifts and agrees to train her. Thrust onto the spiritual frontline with fellow student Father Dante (Christian Navarro), Sister Ann finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl (who Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon that tormented her own mother years ago), and soon realises the Devil has her right where he wants her… and it wants in.

Prey for the Devil (previously titled The Devil’s Light) stars Jacqueline Byers (Roadies, Bad Samaritan), Colin Salmon (Mortal Engines, Alien Vs Predator), Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why), Lisa Palfrey (Pride), Nicholas Ralph (All Creatures Great and Small) with Ben Cross (Star Trek) and Virginia Madsen (Candyman, Designated Survivor). Directed by Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism).

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 8 – Revelations


Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 8 – Revelations

Director: Rachel Goldberg


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 8 Revelations

Starting in 2030 (yay another timeline) Jade discovers an infected lizard on the ship the crew are floating around in, leading to the reveal of the giant contained crocodile attached to the ship.

In 2022, Jade and Billie are given five minutes to pack before they are relocated. Meanwhile, Burt answers questions about his behaviour to Evelyn, who starts to question his relationship with Albert. She is promising him a chance to be free, after spending the last few years locked up here. As long as he works with her on a project. She reveals the original Wesker is kept in a containment bunker.

In 2036, Billie is looking for a solution to the infected surrounding her base, while Jade is planning her own escape, knowing she is immune from their attention. Billie always is resourceful and has the salutation that eliminates nearly all the infected, but the distraction lets Jade escape back to her ship. Jade gets the crocodile released.

Back in 2022, Evelyn finally learns it was Billie who was the one bitten and warns her about the infection that is running through her blood. Meanwhile, Jade turns to Simon for help again, knowing he could be the only one to help break Billie back out. As he revealed Simon’s mother had drugged her wife with the ‘Joy’ pill.

Recap on Resident Evil Episode 8 Revelations

Returning to 2036, the crocodile looks to deal with Billie, when Jade realizes her daughter Bea has listened to her advice to leave as the ship is sailing off into the sunset. Jade and her husband return to shore to search for Bea. Elsewhere, Billie deals with the crocodile, that comes back to cause problems for the couple.

In 2022, Jade and Simon work together to break into Umbrella. Meanwhile, Billie is having side effects from the latest injections, showing her violent side in her. She finds Burt who can calm her down and help her search for her father. As the family gets reunited, they have ten minutes to escape before lockdown.

During the panic, Billie has one of her visions, causing her to react to Simon supporting her, biting him. Evelyn has the tables turned in her, needing to decide whether to trust Albert or eliminate the problem. She picks the quick solution, leading to a shootout between all sides, as Albert looks to save his daughters. This will lead to Albert looking to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his daughters, as he causes a massive explosion in the facility. Jade, Billie and Burt head off in the night. Meanwhile, in the rumble the creatures hand comes out.

Back in 2036, Jade washed up ashore finding her husband seriously injured, with the need to find Bea being the most important part of their time together. Meanwhile, Billie is looking to escape on the last helicopter out of the area, escaping the crocodile, who has found a new target, Bea. Only for a connection between the two stopping any bloodshed. As the pair get reunited and Billie looks to complete her mission. Confronting her sister about the night that changed everything in 2022. Billie finishes her mission by shooting Jade and taking Bea.

What to look out for next season?

Will we meet any of the other characters from the game?

What does older Billie want with Bea?

Will older Jade come back stronger?

How many Weskers are there?

What actually caused the outbreak in the first place?

Short Thoughts

In what is an all-action final episode to the series, we are left with a giant creature, that could be from any creature feature. Very little from the biggest legacy characters in the series and more questions than answers.

For the series this does feel disappointing because it promised so much from the opening episodes, only to get bogged down in high school drama. There is so much that makes this feel empty by not including any of the characters from the games or movies. Yes, I know Wesker is in it, but he is nothing like the one we met in the films.

It also leaves the biggest cliffhanger in the final scene, one that would introduce a bigger legacy creature to the world.

Final Thoughts: For the action it is fun, but for storytelling, this just disappoints on every level. 2/5

On the 3rd Day (2021) Movie Review


On the 3rd Day – Suspenseful Mystery

Director: Daniel de la Vega

Writer: Alberto Fasce, Gonzalo Ventura (Screenplay)

Starring: Mariana Anghileri, Octavio Belmonte, Arturo Bonin, Diego Cremonesi, Lautaro Delgado, Gerardo Romano, Osvaldo Santoro, Osmar Nunez

Plot: Cecilia and her son Martín have a car accident. On the third day after the crash, she wanders by herself on a lonely route and there is no clue of her son. She can’t remember what happened during this time and she is desperately looking for her son. On her quest she finds coincidences with her case and other police files, which seem to be acts of a brutal hunting. The circles goes round and Cecilia will end up facing a religious man, who is the responsible of this slaughter. For her, he is a lunatic. For him, Cecilia is the enemy.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: On the 3rd Day starts when Cecilia (Anghileri) has a car accident with her son Martin (Belmonte) in the car. Waking up in a strange location without Martin around, Cecilia goes in search of answers.

Doctor Pastori (Delgado) is treating Cecilia in the hospital, as the police investigation starts. Fernando (Cremonesi) wants answers to where his son is, bringing in a police investigation to what happened. With the accident taking place three days earlier.

Thoughts onOn the 3rd Day’

Characters & Performances

Cecilia is the mother that is involved in the accident. She can’t remember what happened in the accident or where her son went. Making her a suspect in the investigation, she must convince her doctor to help her uncover the truth. This will put her through hypnosis to learn what happened.

Padre Enrique is the man that Cecilia has the accident with. He is transporting something, an object that strikes great fear in him. After the accident he must find what was in the case, showing a darker side to what he is doing.

Hernan Pastori is the doctor that Cecilia turns to for help. He does start by treating her, but is willing to listen to her story. Looking to find the truth about the missing boy.

The film does have great performances. Where Mariana Anghileri gives us the performances that will be both disturbing and uncontrolled.


The story here follows a mother that is involved in an accident, waking up not knowing where her child is. This will give us a mystery that is slowly unfolding. Following two stories that meet in the middle, with a shocking conclusion.

As the mystery is unfolding, we will get an interesting story of the unknown. It is the side of the story following Padre, that will keep us guessing more. We know something unusual is going on, we just don’t know where it will end up going.  


On the 3rd Day is a horror mystery thriller that will dive heavily into the unknown. Making us wait to see what is in the box, we know it is something dangerous. We are held in suspense until the reveal. The film will use the time as part of the mystery, as we know that it has been three days since the accident. Sending us down the path to learn what happened in that time.

Final ThoughtsOn the 3rd Day is a tense suspenseful mystery, leaving us shocked by the end.

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 7 – Parasite


Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 7 – Parasite

Director: Batan Silva


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 7 Parasite

We start back in 2005 here, where Albert Wesker works with his brothers for a strict version of Albert, who gets discovered, wanting to clear up the evidence. That he has been cloning himself. Discovered by Evelyn who wants answers.

Move back to 2022, Albert gets to his dim-witted clone Burt who has been locked up since the discovery. The pair look to catch up before getting interrupted.

Back in 2036, Jade is dealing with the consequences of her actions. Needing to face the reality of what she did that got her friend killed. She is locked up as Umbrella want a meeting. The two sides are clearly waiting to go into conflict. Jade is looking to prepare her own daughter for the dangers that would come for her, begging her to plan for her escape.

In 2022, Albert is being pressed by Evelyn who is determined to get the product out and wants to know why he killed Angel. Billie and Jade try to continue their normal routine, which sees the appearance of Burt in their lives. They can see the difference, but don’t think too much about it. Burt doesn’t know how to keep a secret and tells the girls everything. As Evelyn looks to test the drugs closer to home.

In 2036, Jade has accepted to give herself up to Umbrella, if it means the rest of the ship can be safe. Jade has a meeting with Billie, releasing the specimen she created, attracting every infected from around.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Jade and Billie are taken to Evelyn. Taking them to meet their father, revealing that he needs to inject them with blood every day to keep him maintained.

What to look out for next time?

What is that creature on the ship?

How will Jade and Billie escape in 2036?

What is next for Billie and Jade in 2022?

How Many Albert Weskers are there?

Short Thoughts

Lance Reddick takes an amazing twist on what we have seen from him so far, bringing a comedic streak, which will make you laugh out loud.

When it comes to the two timelines, they both have left the series open for the final. With the infected coming for the Umbrella crew in 2036 and in 2022 the girls need to figure out their future.

We are still waiting for the big breakout in 2022, which is better than being the cliff-hanger hoping to get a new season. Elsewhere, nothing feels as connected as it could be on this side of the story.

Final Thoughts: This is a building episode looking to draw us in for the season finale, which is fine, it has plenty left to answer and the chaos is here. Just not enough is going on in the bigger picture. 2/5

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 6 – Someone’s Little Girl


Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 6 – Someone’s Little Girl

Director: Batan Silva


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 6 Someone’s Little Girl

In 2022, Albert Wesker looks to continue his questioning of Angel, staying ahead of Evelyn, and keeping the answers to himself. Taking the problems into his own hands.

In 2036, Billie confronts Jade, who now works for Umbrella and Evelyn. Wanting to take Jade back to the facility to face the truth. Only Billie lets Jade go, returning to her friends on an offshore base. This gives Jade a chance to reunite with her daughter.

On the ship in 2036, the crew start to see the ghost ship floating in the water when they start to float over the infected. Jade starts her experiment on the head she took, getting no answers until she thinks outside the box. She must take a break on the ship, watching her daughter perform, something she hasn’t seen in so long.

Jade is caught in the middle of seeing her daughter’s talents and a ground-breaking discovery in her research. Turning to science as the most important part of her life. Continuing to risk her life in search of a sample to bring aboard the ship. Putting the whole ship’s lives at risk.

The experiment goes to plan, but Jade must live with the consequences of her actions, as her best friend is killed by the infected. She is acting just like her father and now Umbrella has found them.

Back in 2022, we get a short scene where Angel has become infected and Albert gets a visit from someone looking to break him out.

What to look out for next time?

What will Umbrella do to Jade and the ship?

How with Albert recover from his betrayal?

Will Billie and Jade escape in 2022?

Who the hell was in the wall?

Short Thoughts

In this episode, we don’t touch the 2022 side of the story, which I guess makes up for the last episode not touching 2036.

When it comes to the 2036 side of the story, the big, massive encounter between the sisters, doesn’t seem to mean anything. Instead, we look at the new life Jade has, following her father’s footsteps of experimenting and putting work before the family. It is disappointing that not much more is made from the encounter.

To make matters a lot worse Jade’s reckless behaviour costs lives because she doesn’t conduct anything with any patience. She has become just as bad as her father.

Final Thoughts: This is a strange episode because it feels mostly dull, but it has a big cause and effect moment involved. 2/5

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 5 – Home Movies


Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 5 – Home Movies

Director: Rachel Goldberg


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 5 Home Movies

In 2036, Jade finds herself captured by Umbrella, with a masked figure revealing themselves to be Billie.

Back in 2022, Albert is summoned by Evelyn to deal with the stranger reporter Angel problem. Albert shows a more violent side, one we haven’t seen before, proving it has been there all the time. Billie and Jade look to move on with their lives after Billie never turned. Leading to Jade wanting to learn more about their past and their father’s past. This will send the sisters on an adventure following clues left by their father.

Seemingly forgetting the 2036 timeline, we continue to follow the sisters in 2022. This shows them starting to fall apart, as they are left wondering why Billie was picked for the treasure map, not Jade. Causing tension between the two, creating more drama than needed. As the sisters continue to work together, they discover a secret laboratory below the house in the basement.

The sisters discover footage of what their father has been up to in the past, showing him involved with. Learning he was studying Billie, preparing the worst, to keep her with him. Breaking the security placed upon them, finding themselves trapped in the fire-engulfed room. Saved only, by their father’s return.

Confronting their father, they want to know the truth and learn Albert would do anything to protect his daughters.

What to look out for next time?

is 2036 still a thing?

What was Albert up to in his previous life?

Can the sisters cope on their own?

Short Verdict

In what is a strange episode that only gives us one glimpse into the 2036 storyline, despite that being left with the big cliff-hanger in the last episode.

The story in 2022 has plenty of mystery about it but zero interest for the Resident Evil fans. This episode only focuses on the sisterly relationship avoiding way too much of what makes the franchise stand out.

It might be done in a fun teenage adventure way, but it is just dull and uninspiring to the audience.

Final Thoughts: This is a very weak episode, having no Resident Evil-like moments. 1/5

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 4 – The Turn


Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 4 – The Turn

Director: Rob Seidenglanz


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap of Resident Evil Episode 4 The Turn

We head to Tijuana for the first time, investigating the first outbreak and how the victim changed. Becoming irritated by bright lights, sound and other transformations going on. Looking to expose more of the original outbreak in Raccoon City.

Meanwhile, in 2036, Jade and Baxter are taken to the Brotherhood’s base. Baxter and Jade might have to put their differences aside if they are going to make it out of here alive. As they see the number of infected within the walls. The Brotherhood believe this is a religious event, created by God.

In 2022, Albert sees his latest experiment failing, as his race to find an antivirus is running dangerously low. Jade and Billie are trying to deal with everything themselves, with Billie willing to go to a final party before she turns. As the girls are looking for their time together, Albert is preparing for the worst. As a visitor gets into the city, searching for the Wesker’s.

Recap of Resident Evil – Episode 4 – The Turn

In 2036, Jade and Baxter see the horrors of what the Brotherhood will do to survivors, as they continue to search for a way out of the prison, they find themselves in. this gives Jade a valuable insight into how the infected have started to communicate, the very research she was trying to conduct. Instead of being chased, they must fight their way out this time. Showing Baxter’s leadership in conflict.

In 2022, Billie is feeling empty and alone, disappointed that Jade doesn’t give her time in her final moments. She just wanted to spend time with her sister, but Jade was too busy for her. Albert searches for his daughters, while the stranger has found Jade, needing to prepare her for what is coming. Revealing the shocking truth that Albert Wesker died in the original Raccoon City outbreak.

Back in 2036, Jade is drawn to her research, wanting to learn more about the queen of the infected, needing to learn how it operates, believing it could be key to more when it comes to fighting back. This will leave her back against the wall, facing the reality she might not make it out of this one. Of course, she will, teaming up with Baxter to escape. With a new threat waiting for her.

In 2022, Evelyn captured the stranger, questioning him and revealing that Billie has become infected. As the sister rush home before the infection takes full control of Billie, can she continue to fight it? Making it past the timer set for her.

What to look out for next time?

Who is in the helicopter?

How will Evelyn deal with the stranger?

Can older Jade learn from the queen?

The Stranger offers to give up the information about who is infected, will he give it up?

Can Albert keep the infection secret?

Short Verdict

In 2036, we get one of the best scenes of the show so far, Baxter and Jade’s escape. Where Baxter gets to show a badass side to his character, as he ruthless escapes, killing everyone in flair, his build wouldn’t expect to see. Baxter continues to be one of the most entertaining characters, with his funny lines.

In 2022, we focus more on the friendship between the sisters, as Billie feels like her time is running out, wanting her last few hours with her sister. While her sister is out meeting new people, not sharing the moment together as she wishes.

The story manages to give us a reflective nature for the first time so far, showing Jade dealing with infection coming towards her, needing to make the decision on whether to make it or not.

Final Thoughts: This episode does have more intensity when it comes to the two stories, the race between making it out of the problems in time. 4/5

Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure (2019) Movie Pick


ABC Film Challenge – Animation – N – Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure (2019)

Director: Richard Finn, Tim Maltby

Writer: Dead Stefan (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Alan Marriott, Andrew Toth, Brian Dobson, Cole Howard, Jennifer Cameron, Jonathan Holmes

Plot: An ancient Chinese artifact has been stolen by a villainous archaeologist named Dexter. With the help of his Lemming friends, Norm must keep his word and embark on a journey across the world to help recover the artifact for the people of China.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes