Getting Toasted (2022) Movie Review ‘Wonderful’


Getting Toasted – Wonderful

Director: Casey Zilbert

Writer: Casey Zilbert (Screenplay)

Starring: Hayden J Weal, Nick Davies, Gemma Knight, Steve Barr, Katrine George, Simon Waghorn

Plot: Friends on an epic wine tasting weekend attempt to cheer up their heartbroken buddy after he’s dumped just days before his wedding. With a beautiful vineyard and all the wine intended for the wedding at their disposal, a life changing extravaganza of food, wine, and shenanigans sets them on a new path and proves once and for all that nothing heals a broken heart like good wine and good friends. 

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Getting Toasted starts when Harry (Weal) finds his wedding plans torn apart from his fiancée Fiona (Zilbert). Turning to his best friend Ants (Davies) to take him and their other friend Jess (Knight) for a weekend away. Where the wedding was going to take place.

The three are joined by Fiona’s Uncle Jake (Barr). Who never got the news about the wedding and Jess’s half sister Bella (George). As they five look to have an entertaining weekend away, where truths about their problems will come to light as they come together in their time of needs

Thoughts on Getting Toasted

Characters & Performances

Harry is the man who sees his wedding cancelled last minute, leaving him shaken by the news. His best friends surround themselves around him to give him a weekend. Where he can take his mind off everything and look back at the memories they made together as he looks to heal.

Ants is one of the best friends. He has always been the loudest free-spirited member of the friendship never looking to settle down for anything. Having wild adventures projects or at least stories about them. He does have a something personal he needs to get off his chest, but never knows how to talk to his friends.

Jess is the other friend who is there for Harry, she has changed since their earlier years together. Not being as wild as the others remember, the change is noticeable and when her half-sister arrives. We can see why the changes have happened.

Bella is the half-sister who hasn’t seen Jess in a long time, the two-need time to get together about what they have been through. Jake is the surprise visitor for the wedding from Fiona’s side of the family, unaware of the cancellation. He will get invited to stay, offering more words of wisdom that the friends needed in their lives. The five stars of the movie are great together, showing a great bond between the three closer friends. While Steve Barr as the outsider is waiting to join the stories.


Getting Toasted follows three friends that come together to help one deal with the sudden cancellation of the wedding. The friends are joined by a couple of other guests who missed the information about the wedding cancellation. They get to talk about their own life’s problems, the ones they need to fix before it is too late. Showing friendship is the most important thing to have around when life isn’t going the way you had planned. There is a lot of heart in this story, while letting everything feel like a nature escape from life. Something everyone needs with the people around them.

ThemesGetting Toasted is a comedy drama looking to make the most of the memories and new adventures friends have when they need it. The film is shot on a vineyard in the New Zealand which shows us the beautiful getaway they have to let everything out.

Final Thoughts Getting Toasted is a delightful walk down friendship lane.

A Day to Die (2022) Movie Review


A Day to Die – By the Books

Director: Wes Miller

Writer: Rab Berry, Scott Mallace (Screenplay)

Starring: Kevin Dillon, Bruce Willis, Gianna Capaldi, Brooke Butler, Johnny Messner, Curtis Nichouls. Frank Grillo, Leon

Plot: Connor Connolly has one day to pay reparations to Tyrone Pettis. He is forced to ask his old military ops crew. Led by Brice Mason, come together to get two million dollars before he loses everyone he loves in the process.

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: A Day to Die starts with a hostage situation going horribly wrong. Conner (Dillon) is injured, with the rest of the team injured or killed. 18-months-later Conner isn’t the same man becoming a parole officer, killing one of Tyrone Pettis (Leon) men.

Conner turns to his former Police Chief Alston (Willis) for help. Unaware of Tyrone’s connection with him, they have their own plan to clean up the city. Conner is given one offer, male two-million dollars in 12 hours, or Tyrone will kill his wife. Conner turns to his brother Tim (Capaldi) and former captain Mason (Grillo) to put a team together for the operation. A team living with the consequences of the hostage situation went wrong.

Thoughts on A Day to Die

Characters & Performances

Conner is one of the police team injured during the hostage situation. In the aftermath, he has become a parole officer, trying to help cons get back on their feet. Life hasn’t been as smooth as it once was for him. Not getting better after clashing with a ruthless gangster. he is forced into bringing the squad back together for a difficult mission to steal $2 million.

Tyrone Pettis is a ruthless gangster, having the people on the streets resecting him. The police chief is in his pocket and the city is in fear. He targets Conner after an altercation, forcing him to complete a job for him. His approach is very calm in public, he knows he can hurt people. He doesn’t want to get his own hands dirty when it comes to dealing with problems.

Police Chief Alston order the hostage situation, sending the men into the slaughter. He has been keeping Tyrone in line, as long as his money continues to come in.

Elsewhere, we have the team that helps Conner, his former team and his brother. They have a score to settle after the incident. We also have the guys working for Tyrone, looking slick, as he expects them to. Going around the city and getting the work done.

The performances in the film are interesting. Kevin Dillon in the leading role works well, being the broken man. Leon is the standout, being the super slick and cool gangster around town. Bruce Willis keeps his appearance to the typical minimum for what is needed.


The story follows a former SWAT member dealing with the consequences of a hostage situation gone bad. That is forced into completing a daring robbery for a local gangster to pay off a debt. Learning of a bigger conspiracy going on within the force.

The story is one that looks to deliver twists along the way. One that is looking to expose the different sides of everything going on within a city. Exposing police corruption and how a gangster must operate to stay on top. The story could have put a lot more focus on lives after the incident, instead of just jumping to this incident. It also ends up seeing people working together, when it wouldn’t make sense.


A Day to Die is an action crime thriller that focuses on a big robbery. The action gives us plenty of shootouts that see the bodies fly around. The criminal world doesn’t make complete sense, with how everything unfolds. The blood pellets are clear to see with each shot which doesn’t help make the scenes stand out in any way.

Final ThoughtsA Day to Die is a by-the-books action movie, above the normal straight-to DVD level.

Final Caller (2020) Movie Review


Final Caller – Loud and Aggressive

Director: Todd Sheets

Writer: Todd Sheets (Screenplay)

Starring: Douglas Epps, Rachel Lagen, Alexander Brotherton, Jack McCord, Jane Plumberg, Antwoine Steele

Plot: Roland Bennett, an obnoxious late-night radio personality specializing in the supernatural is not having a good night. A visit from his soon-to-be ex-wife brings divorce papers to the station. A boss is listening in due to complaints, and a call from self-proclaimed serial killer “The Outsider” who threatens to kill a woman live on the air. Being live on the air tonight will spell death for all involved

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Final Caller starts when short-tempered late-night radio host Roland (Epps) prepares for his latest show. Wanting better guests in his call-in show, losing his temper at anyone. Leading to his producers Jessica (Lagen) and Jason (Brotherton) getting tired of his behaviour.

The show gets an unusual call from a man calling himself ‘The Outsider’. He has been killing women, calling in for these kills to be live, threatening Roland if he doesn’t follow his rules.

Thoughts on Final Caller

Final Caller is a horror movie that follows a radio host dealing with a serial killer on the line. As the killer looks to continue his rampage, on the radio where everyone can listen. Meanwhile, there is a twist waiting to happen in the story.

This movie wants to capture some of the magic ‘Pontypool’ had, only to miss the mark. Having the killings recorded on air. The story works well for concept and idea. Although it focuses too heavily on the special effects for the kills. Trying to make them as graphic and uncomfortable to watch as possible.

The movie does go out of its way to be something that is aggressive and against everything, people would expect. It is in the storytelling and the character and his entitled mindset.

Final Thoughts Final Caller is loud, aggressive and doesn’t care what you think.

Death of a Ladies’ Man – Release News


Blue Finch Film Releasing presents Death of a Ladies’ Man on Digital Download 25 July  

Death Of A Ladies’ Man tells the story of the womanising poetry professor, Samuel O’Shea (Gabriel Byrne). Who spirals when realises that he is suffering from hallucinations: Frankenstein sidles to the bar; strangers sing and dance to Leonard Cohen tunes; and his father Ben O’Shea (Brian Gleeson). Who died when Samuel was just a boy, pops in for chats.

Unsure on his next step, Samuel journeys to remote Ireland to stay in his old family home. As he finds peace in the calm of the Irish countryside and begins work on his final novel. He unexpectedly meets an exuberant woman (Jessica Paré) who shows him it’s never too late to find love.

Inspired by the work of Leonard Cohen, and set to some of his most beloved music, Death of a Ladies’ Man is from the producers of Brooklyn and Once and stars Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects, Miller’s Crossing), Brian Gleeson (Phantom Thread, Frank of Ireland), Jessica Paré (Mad Men, Brooklyn) and Antoine Olivier Pilon (Mommy).

Abominable (2019) Movie Review


ABC Film Challenge – Animation – A – Abominable (2019)

Director: Jill Culton, Todd Wilderman

Writer: Jill Culton (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Joseph Izzo, Sarah Paulson, Eddie Izzard

Plot: Three teenagers must help a Yeti return to his family while avoiding a wealthy man and a zoologist who want him for their own needs.

Tagline – Home Has a Magic All Its Own.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Abominable starts when a young yeti escapes Burnish research facility. Where Dr Zara had been studying it, hiding in the rooftops of city. Here he is found by Yi, a teenage girl who is looking to travel China. Working hard to make her dream a reality.

Yi decides to help the yeti, that she nicknames Everest return home and is joined by Peng and Jin along the way. In a journey that will take them across China to Mount Everest.

Thoughts on Abominable


Yi is a teenage girl that is still recovering since her father’s death. She is working hard with any job in hopes of escaping the city. Dreaming of seeing China one day, she has become distant from her mother and isolated in her own life. Seeing her old friends still playing into the new stages of their lives. She finds Everest and ends up helping make him better and return him home to his family. Getting to see the journey she has always been on.

Everest is the young Yeti who is afraid, he just wants to go home and with his abilities. He helps the kids on the journey home, despite always being up for a little bit is mischief.

Peng is the younger cousin of Jin who dreams of being a basketball player. He is the youngest and easiest to be distracted on the journey, but he also won’t give up on the journey.

Jin has become the modern teenager obsessed with social media friends and likes. He has most of the girls in the city wanting him and ends up on the journey to protect his cousin and still watching over Yi from afar. He will get the fish out of water character for the four, learning to adapt to experience the world more.

These characters will learn something about themselves through the journey. Dr Zara and Burnish fill the generic villainous roles that want to find the yeti for their own reasons.


The story here follows three teenagers that end up helping a yeti return to Mt Everest after it escapes from a research facility. Which will see them going on a journey of a lifetime. This is a story that does have a deeper meaning about doing the right thing. Learning to adapt to change and remembering the ones that are still around you, loving you even after losing a family member.

The journey shows us just what it means to find yourself in the world that has suddenly started moving so fast around you, as well as telling people to stop and take a look at the bigger picture in life. We have plenty of meaning, which will give the story plenty of heart.


Abominable is a beautiful animation bringing to life the idea of yetis in a world. Which has continued to evolved without the calm it once had for them. Showing u just how beautiful the scenery in China can become even in animated form. The comedy in the film can give everyone a laugh, with a mix of cute and silly, with the adventure taking the kids on a journey they never imagined. The use of music will come into play, showing the connection Yi once had with her father, being able to drive the journey on when she plays.


Abominable is a beautiful animation that is filled with the heart and soul to make everything have a stronger meaning.

Second Sight’s Release ‘Monster’ Limited Edition


Second Sight’s latest Monster Limited Edition

Charlize Theron gives a tour-de-force performance as America’s first female serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003). From director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), that earned her accolades galore, including the prestigious best actress Oscar® in 2004. Now almost 20 years on from its original, lauded theatrical release, the film is set for the Limited Edition treatment from Second Sight Films.

Based on true events, this darkly chilling, gripping drama will be released on Blu-ray in a stunning Limited Edition Box set. Presented in a rigid slipcase, with new artwork by Daniel Benneworth-Gray.  It comes with a soft-cover book, featuring brand new essays and a host of special features. From brand new interviews to archive commentaries that take you behind the scenes and into the mind of a real-life Monster. The set is released on 15 August 2022 and available to pre-order now.

Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron – Mad Max Fury RoadBombshell) has had it tough, but when the down-on-her-luck sex worker. Who moves to Florida she unexpectedly finds love and is determined to get her life back on track.

Befriending Selby Wall (Christina Ricci – Buffalo ’66Yellow Jackets), a sweet but reserved young woman. A romance soon blossoms. But things take a dark turn when a john tries to assault Aileen. She fights back and kills him and decides it’s time to give up the game.

Aileen quickly discovers going straight isn’t that easy and is sucked back into a world of violent crime that escalates from petty theft to serial murder. As more and more men turn up dead. Selby starts to suspect the woman closest to her is responsible.

7 Essential Space Movies to Watch Before Magdalena Lauritsch’s ‘Rubikon’


7 Essential Space Movies to Watch Before Magdalena Lauritsch’s ‘Rubikon’

Rubikon gets released by Signature Entertainment on 11th July 2022. Following a crew in a space station who must decide whether to risk their lives in returning to Earth. Searching for survivors from a toxic fog that has covered the Earth or stay in the safety of the space station. The full review of Rubikon will be available in a couple of days. With the idea today to suggest a couple of movies you could watch before seeing Rubikon, with the biggest point being about the human confliction of problems faced in space.


Duncan Jones Moon follows a lone astronaut Sam Bell who is on his stint on the moon base. When he has a quintessentially personal encounter towards the end of his stint. That will make him question everything he knows about the mission he is on. Sam Rockwell is fantastic in this lone role, which will see the bigger life decisions come to his character after the discovery. Which will ask you as well as him the bigger question about why we are doing the things we do.


Danny Boyle’s exceptional Sunshine follows an international team of astronauts that are sent on a mission to restart the dying sun with a nuclear fission bomb. Only for them to come across problems on their journey. In Sunshine the crew will have their own skills, meaning decisions are made on expert opinions over voting. Giving the characters a chance to look at the decisions being made in a way of looking at is the danger worth the reward.

This aspect of the story is by far one of the most interesting sides to this story, as well as having an all star cast in the movie. Including ‘Captain America Chris Evans, ‘Bridesmaids Rose Byrne, ‘Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once Michelle Yeoh, ‘The Meg Cliff Curtis, ‘Doctor Strange Benedict Wong, ‘The Last Samurai’ Hiroyuki Sanada and ‘1917’ Mark Strong.


Christian Alvart’s Pandorum follows two crew members who wake up from hypersleep. Only to find the spaceship off course and nobody waiting to swap with them. Leaving them to figure out what has happened on board, where they are not alone anymore. Pandorum might not put everything down to the pure decision-making process. It will see the people needing to survive, after a disaster has led them to search for a new home, keeping everything human or evolution of humanity based.

High Life

Claire Denis’s High Life follows a father and daughter struggling to survive deep space travel where they live in isolation. After the ship gets put in an unimaginable situation after cosmic rays hit the ship. High Life will look at a different subject to most of the rest. Seeing how deep space travel could be survived with people needing to be able to reproduce in space. If they are to remain awake, with this one diving into the must more horrific side to everything involved with deep space travel.


Daniel Espinosa’s Life follows a team of scientists on the international space station. Discovering a new life form that might have been the cause for extinction on Mars. Which would bring devastation if it ever made it back to Earth. Life is the only movie on this life that will use aliens in the plot, with the only reason it being on the list. Is because of the fact it will be dealing with the human factor of needing to learn about a potential new threat. While also needing to stop it reaching Earth. Putting the scientists into a difficult decision about how far they will let the life form evolve, before it becomes uncontrollable.

Ad Astra

James Gray’s Ad Astra follows an astronaut Roy McBride. Who is given a mission to travel across the Solar System in search of answers about his father’s mission. Who was lost over 30 years ago, only for it to have returned, with a potential threat for the universe. Roy is a very distant human, that shows no emotion. He is a perfect subject for a mission that is about keeping calm and reaching out. It what is one of the most beautiful sci-fi movies of recent years. We get to see this amazing journey across the Solar System. Giving us stunning colouring for each planet and a journey that is about saving the world.


Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar Winning Gravity completes this list. Following the two astronauts who find themselves floating around the Earth must work together to figure out a way to get to safety before their oxygen runs out. Gravity is the ultimate story about surviving. In a place where getting on a ship would be the only solution to this. It is incredibly intense with how the story unfolds. Leaving us on the edge of our seats, waiting to see if they can survive the disaster.

Thir13en Ghosts – The Cult Classic Round Up


The House in Thir13en Ghosts

The House is made of glass with Latin phrases etched onto every wall and floor. This will prevent the ghosts from travelling past them, keeping them contained in the basement. Once the family enters the house, it triggers the machine that moves the walls and opens doors. Releasing the ghosts on the unsuspecting family. The line ‘How do you lose a family in a glass house’ has never felt more satisfying in a movie.

When it comes to set design, you can’t look past how brilliant is. What should be a safe home, turns into a nightmare situation. Having them carry a wall with Latin on it to get past ghosts is a smart idea. Changing how people can defend themselves against ghosts. It is fitting that two of the villainous figures meet their demise thanks to the walls or doors. Leaving the family in a position where they never touch killing anyone. This could have easily been a factor in the story, but not used that way.

The Director

Steve Beck – Steve Beck has an interesting career. Working on the visual effects for ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, ‘The Abyss’ and ‘The Hunt for Red October’. Before stepping away from that, focusing on directing. Following Thir13en Ghosts with ‘Ghost Ship’. The two movies clearly show his skills in effects and design. While other sides of both movies have their weakness, the ascetics are brilliant.

Returning to the original question. Why do I think this is a modern-day Cult Classic?

When it comes to cult classics, we need to see how big the audience the movie brings. The movie did well at the box office, making $68.5 Million off a surprisingly big budget of $42 Million. Ranking it 60th in the US Box Office for the year. Around ‘Zoolander’, ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ and better than ‘Ali’.

When it comes to the visual look of the movie. The ghosts are memorable, most of which could even have their own spin-off movies. Let’s be honest, if it was released today, we would definitely have some spin-offs with these ghosts. The opening sequence shows of destructive the Juggernaut is. Certain ghosts have tragic backstories that could be explored. Sure, some are violent figures, but others have more to give. It would be like ‘The Conjuring Universe’ where the core stories are outstanding. While the spin-offs do the basics of horror without being offensive.

This is a movie that has plenty of horror fans out there. The actors who only appeared in this movie have been given a cult following because of the movie. The relentless pace at which the movie unfolds is a big draw. Everything about this movie knows where it stands in the horror world. It brings you in for an entertaining journey through a twisted mind.

Do you think Thir13en Ghosts is a cult classic?