Father of the Flying Car (2022) Movie Review


Father of the Flying Car – Interesting Conversation Starter

Director: Scott Hardie

Plot: Dr Paul Moller, an esteemed inventor, fights against the odds to complete his life’s work, the flying car.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Father of the Flying Car

Father of the Flying Car is a documentary exploring the journey Paul Moller took with his dream of a flying car. Following his first invention and the risks it took. Right up to the daily struggles to keep the business running. Showing us how Paul believes the larger companies are trying to hold him back.

What the movie investigates is the devotion Paul has taken in his life. How much work and effort into making the flying car. Only for the world to only see it as more of a circus attraction. Rather than an option for future travel.

The legal loopholes needed to make the cars viable and legal for the skies. This is another debate going on here. How would the cars work, would they improve things if people could use the space to travel from A to B. The concepts behind how the cars would be automatic travel, rather than driving.

The documentary offers plenty of conversation starts for the idea. Only it doesn’t seem to make the cars appealing to the outside world. They all look tight and compact, add in the fears of flying. We never look deep enough into the consequences of the cars, if something was to go wrong.

Offering plenty of discussion points doesn’t cover up the fact that we don’t learn enough about the cars. Never driving deep enough into the grand plan of the creation. No concept arts of how cities would operate with the vehicles. Feeling more like a dream than a reality.

Final ThoughtsFather of the Flying Car offers plenty of conversation about a world with flying cars.

Animal Inside – Release News


Wild Eye announces Sept. 13th for Shawn Burkett’s werewolf shocker ANIMAL INSIDE

After surviving a vicious assault in the city, Betsy moves to the country in hopes of starting over, but as she begins to recover, something begins clawing its way into the moonlight.

Kelci C. Magel, Erin R. Ryan, Justin Beahm, and Marylee Osborne also star in this neck-slashing creature feature from the director of DON’T F*CK IN THE WOODS.

Thir13en Ghosts – The Ghosts


Thir13en Ghosts – The Ghosts

The ghosts are the major plot point in the film. They are the keys to the bigger picture, each having its own unique appearance to strike up different levels of terror. They are not all evil ghosts, some are disturbing, while others are friendly. It is how you see them to what horrors they bring to you.

The First-Born Son

The First-Born Son has an arrow through his head, the child makes it easy for Bobby to be attracted to play with him. Can appear in any direction, just wanting to play. He is often further away. Never seemingly like a threat when he appears.

The Torso

The Torse is a terrifying figure, dismembered around the home. He will often be used for shock value, because of the image the torse presents. He is begging for help wanting the limbs of victims to come back to life.

The Bound Woman

The Bound Woman is one of the first ghosts we get a glimpse of. Calling for Bobby into the basement. She has been strangled, with maggots on her body, in her hair and over her cuts. Having a contorted movement towards the victims.

The Withered Lover

The Withered Lover is the one pure sole out of the ghosts in the home. The deceased wife of Arthur lost in fire six months before. She will act more as a guide, looking to protect her family from beyond the grave. Proving that not everything we meet in the home is going to be scary.

The Torn Prince

The Torn Prince has been waiting to swing away at his victims. He has been ripped apart, with his flesh hanging off his body and his baseball jacket covering up other parts. Swinging away, he gets the damage done to Dennis once released.

The Angry Princess

The Angry Princess is easily one of the most iconic ghost creations of the era. Naked and scarred, she lurks more than attacks. Involved in the first kill in the house. In what is a nice touch of revenge on the sexist comment she just received from the seedy lawyer. The bathroom scene, with the message of ‘I’m Sorry’ in a bloodstain on the floor shows the chaos she brings.

The Pilgrimess

The Pilgrimess is locked in a pillory making her a wide threat, that is desperate the scratch, claw and bite her victims. It would be easy to compare this ghost to The Jackal, in the era where they came from. It is one of the few ghosts we don’t get too much interaction with.

The Great Child & The Dire Mother

The pair come together, as the overweight adult still gets fed by his tiny mother. Wearing a diaper and eating baby food. It is almost like she never let him grow up. More of a disturbing image, rather than a bigger threat as ghosts.

The Hammer

The Hammer is the killer covered in spikes, almost like he has put them in himself after his kills. He will torment from behind the glass, creating jump scares to show how the glasses work for Maggie. A massive figure that would strike fear in anybody who comes across him. Every strike with his massive hammer creates a massive electrical flash moment.

The Jackal

The Jackal is one of the most ferocious ghosts. Ravaging anyone it manages to capture in a frenzied attack. One of the ghosts Dennis doesn’t want to get near. He will unleash a terrifying attack on Kathy, leaving her injured, screaming and terrified.

The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is the last captured ghost, the 12th ghost. A serial killer that never stopped killing after his death. Haunting a junkyard, he kills with ease, with an imposing presence. The character looks a lot like Frankenstein’s monster, only more menacing.

The director’s commentary has created deeper backstories for Thir13en Ghosts – The Ghosts. One that would have been interesting to learn more about, if this ever got remade.

In the final part, I will be looking at the other factors that could make this a cult classic

The Stranger in Our Bed – Release News


Signature Entertainment presents The Stranger in our Bed on Digital Platforms 5th September

Prepare for Britain’s answer to Gone Girl. Feeling trapped in her controlling marriage to wealthy husband Tom (Ben Lloyd-HughesIndustry, Sanditon). Charlotte Carlisle (Emily BerringtonHumans) begins an affair with another man, who one day mysteriously disappears without a trace. Behind her husband’s back, she secretly begins an investigation into the disappearance, teaming up with her lover’s sister Becki (Terri DwyerHollyoaks) to uncover the truth behind what happened. It quickly becomes clear that nothing is at it seems, and after becoming witnesses to a murder, the two become entangled in a dark and twisted game of cat-and-mouse. With her life on the line. Charlotte must uncover what’s really going on – before it’s too late.

The Stranger in Our Bed also starring Andi Osho (Shazam!, Good Omens S2), Bart Edwards (The Witcher) and Nina Wadia (Bend It Like Beckham). Directed by Giles Alderson (Knights of Camelot, World of Darkness) and produced by Terri Dwyer. Based on the best-selling book by Samantha Lee Howe

Kimi (2022) Movie Review


Kimi is a solid thriller using a real struggle of Covid to make a story that isn’t as intense as it could be.

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Writer: David Koepp (Screenplay)

Starring: Zoe Kravitz, Byron Bowers, Rita Wilson, Erika Christensen, India de Beaufort, Derek DelGaudio

Plot: An agoraphobic Seattle tech worker uncovers evidence of a crime.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Kimi starts when agoraphobic Angela Childs (Kravitz) finds her tech job for new smart device company turned upside down. After hearing a disturbing recording.

Struggling to find help, she turns to the bosses of the company who she doesn’t know who she can trust. Knowing she needs to get the story out to learn about the potential crime she heard.

Thoughts on Kimi

Kimi is thriller using the Covid outbreak. Showing a mild agoraphobic tech worker who hears a crime on a new smart device and looks to expose the truth. Which could bring down the company she is working for.

On paper this is an interesting concept, with having only a mild agoraphobic character. Showing the minor problems leaving, but will do it if the occasion calls for it. The crime side of the story and the corruption within an ambitious tech firm is everything we have seen before. Even if we dive into different motivations for crimes to be covered up. The performance from Zoe Kravitz in the leading role is strong. With the supporting cast getting their moments to shine. Certain camera work isn’t the best, with the shake cam feel being thrown in too often, despite this not being a found footage film. This is a solid thriller with plenty of mystery going on, even if it is more about surviving.

King Knight – Release News


King Knight will be released on UK digital download from 8th August.

Thorn is the leader of a coven of new-age witches. Life is good. But when a secret from his past comes to light, it forces him to take a trippy, journey of self-discovery.

Director: Richard Bates Jr.

Cast: Matthew Gray Gubler, Angela Sarafyan, Barbara Crampton 

Run Time: 81 minutes 

Platforms: AppleTV, Amazon, Sky Store, Google Play

Beauty (2022) Movie Review


Beauty (2022) – How to Build a Star

Director: Andrew Dosunmu

Writer: Lena Waithe (Screenplay)

Cast: Gracie Marie Bradley, Aleyse Shannon, Niecy Nash, Giancarlo Esposito, Kyle Bary, Michael Ward, Sharon Stone

Plot: A gifted young Black woman struggles to maintain her voice and identity after she’s offered a lucrative recording contract.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Beauty starts as young singer Beauty (Bradley) is about to have her first big break. Her mother (Nash) doesn’t think she is ready, while her Father (Esposito) sees this as his payday. He doesn’t approve of her love, for her girlfriend Jasmine (Shannon). Having a mix of religious beliefs and thinking it could hold her career back.

Jasmine pushes Beauty to live her life. While Beauty is caught up in wanting what is best for her family. The struggle becomes real as the young star starts making waves.

Thoughts on Beauty (2022)


Beauty is the young star, trained to sing for years by the mother. The people around her see her as the potential next biggest global star. Her strict upbringing has left her conflicted about stepping outside her comfort zone. She must think about her public image, interview techniques and everything that comes with stardom. The only part of this career she never got trained in. Leaving her feeling conflicted about whether she really wants this.

Jasmine is Beauty’s girlfriend, she loves her and wants to support her career. She doesn’t have the same beliefs her family does, often making her the outsider in the home. Like Beauty, she will need to learn to adapt to a chance in life, when Beauty becomes a star. She is often left behind in the biggest meetings in Beauty’s life.

Beauty’s Mother was once a big singer, she knows how the world can treat people. Her strict training has turned Beauty into a potential star. She is bitter towards the world that let her go in the past.

Beauty’s Father is a strict religious man, he demands rules are followed in his home. He wants Beauty to become a star, so he can live off the money she can bring the family. Not being favourable to Beauty’s relationship, even looking at options to end it.


Gracie Marie Bradley is wonderful in the leading role. Bringing her character to life in a way that shows how conflicted with stardom. Showing how unprepared she is for the next stage of her career. Aleyse Shannon gives us a strong supporting role, one that shows the character in the shadows of stardom. Niecy Nash and Giancarlo Esposito are excellent parents who have their own agendas with the rising star. They show us the greed young stars must deal with, even though they support her.


The story follows a young star being thrown into a stardom position suddenly. Where the producers believe she could be the next big thing, her parents are taught her skill. The story focuses on the moments before the big break, where the pressure starts to show on the young star.

This is an interesting way to show making a star. Putting the spotlight on how the family are preparing for this moment. The producer is waiting for the right moment to put the spotlight on her. Along with the family drama of different wishes towards making it happen. It doesn’t show the career, it is all about the journey for that moment to shine and what it does to everyone around her.

Final Thoughts Beauty (2022) is a wonderful drama, with a unique angle to make it different.

Thir13en Ghosts – The Cast


Thir13en Ghosts – The Modern Cult Classic – Part One – The Cast

Thir13en Ghosts was a remake of William Castle’s 1960, 13 Ghosts. It follows a family who inherits a home from a relative, only to find out it is haunted by 13 ghosts. The movie went on to receive terrible ratings from critics. MetaCritic score of 30 and Rotten Tomatoes score of 17% of 94 reviews. The audience was only a little kinder with a solid 48% and IMDB gets an average of 5.6 of 87,000.

The legendary Robert Ebert is quoted with this. ‘The Experience of watching the film is literally painful. It hurts the eyes and ears.’

So, why do I think this is a cult classic?

Thir13en Ghosts Cast

Tony Shalhoub – Arthur

Arthur is the grieving widow that is struggling to hold everything together for the family. He is doing his best, which is seeing him struggling to control his temper at times. The opportunity to have a new home from his uncle is too big of an opportunity to turn down. It would be best for his family, and he will have to fight for them.

Tony Shalhoub has always been a big character actor. In the aftermath of this movie, he went on to star in his biggest TV show, Monk. He has always had a strong career, and nothing changed for the star of the movie.

Shannon Elizabeth Kathy

Kathy is the daughter of Arthur, taking up more responsibility around the home after her mother’s death. She is craving some more independence, which has become difficult for the whole family. It is hard to work out this character’s age because of Elizabeth playing the role. Her look makes her look like someone in their early twenties, but she could easily still be a teenager, with how she is treated at times.

Shannon at the time was fresh off ‘American Pie’ at that infamous scene and had recently done the parody Scream movie ‘Scary Movie’. She has moved away from too many roles, focusing more on her animal and environmental activist side of life now.

Embeth Davidtz – Kalina Oretzia

Kalina has been fighting against Cyrus throughout his whole hunt. She has lost her partner in the battle, leading to her looking to end his horrors tonight. Guiding Arthur through the home, she has a secret left to reveal. One that doesn’t seem to make as much sense in the bigger side of the movie.

Embeth has always had a strong career, from ‘Army of Darkness’ to ‘Bicentennial Man’. She did slow down after this movie, which seems like it was more to do with starting her family.

Matthew Lillard – Dennis Rafkin

Dennis has been working with Cyrus, helping him locate ghosts with his psychic abilities. Anything or anyone he touches can give away the story of their lives. He must take medication to make it through the day because of the side effects. Searching for his money, he ends up helping Arthur make it out of the house alive.

Matthew had already made a big impact in ‘Scream’ and a string of movies through the late 1990s. Ironically Lillard would go on to play Shaggy Rogers in the ‘Scooby-Doo’ movies and voice the iconic character once Casey Kasem retired. I say ironically because in 1985, ‘The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo’ aired, bringing everything full circle. Matthew continued to have a long career-changing how people saw him with the more mature performances on TV. With every Scream release, he gets plenty of attention too.

Rah Digga – Maggie Bess

Maggie is the live-in helper childminder for the youngest member of the house Bobby. She is nonsense when it comes to problems and has become close to Bobby after the tragedy the family suffered.

Sadly, the hip-hop star never seemed to return to the big screen until an upcoming project ‘Stars’. This is in post-production according to the IMDB.

F. Murray Abraham – Cyrus

Cyrus is the estranged uncle that has collected the twelve ghosts. He created the home for them to be contained in but died in the last hunt. It is his fortune, that the family thinks they are receiving. Only he has played the trick on the world, faking his death for his evil play.

F Murray Abraham is the Oscar winner for ‘Amadeus’ in 1985. Being a character actor, he has had an amazing career. Still going strong too. He was the biggest draw for the movie. The film uses his status to help unfold the surprise factor of his early death.

JR Bourne – Benjamin Moss

Benjamin is the lawyer that brings the family to the home. He knows the payday this will offer him, being the typical seedy lawyer type. Once he dumps the family in the home, he looks to make a quick exit via the money. Slipping past the ghosts, making sly comments about each one. Including the Angry Princess, who gets released, seeing try and back up his comments. He will have the biggest death in the film, as a door slices him clean in half.

JR Bourne has gone on to have a successful career, most recently sticking more to TV. he has always been a reliable actor for the type of role he takes on in this film.

Alec Roberts – Bobby

Bobby is the youngest member of the family. Put in the massive house, he can’t help but want to explore. He is drawn to the basement by the ghosts and his fascination with ghosts is even scarier. The rest of the adults spend most of the movie searching for him. As he gets a first-hand encounter with some of the scariest images of the ghosts, The Torse. Alec Roberts chose to step away from acting after this movie to focus on his education.

That completes the Thir13en Ghosts Cast. Part two will be looking at the ghosts

Rapid Assault (1997) Movie Review


Rapid Assault is a by-the-book action film.

Director: Fred Olen Ray

Writer: Sean O’Bannon (Screenplay)

Cast: Tim Abell, Jeff Rector, Lisa Mazzetti, Arthur Roberts, Don Scribner, Harrison Ray

Plot: A terrorist creates a biological weapon in an abandoned undersea lab. A government operative is dispatched to confiscate the weapon and eliminate the terrorist. This lone Navy SEAL must undertake a dangerous underwater mission to stop a madman from unleashing a deadly toxin that could destroy the world.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Rapid Assault starts in the aftermath of Lars Rynark (Scribner) stealing biological weapons. The government turn to Navy SEAL James Decker (Abell) to lead a mission to take back the weapons.

Decker is joined by David Phillips (Rector) as they look to infiltrate the base. Joined by escaped prisoner Angela Strichman (Mazzetti). They must navigate the base and elude capture. Looking to save the day from the terrorist waiting to use the weapons on US soil.

Thoughts on Rapid Assault

Rapid Assault is an action thriller that looks like a cheaper version of ‘The Rock’. Seeing a Navy SEAL pair needing to get into a base, to stop a biological threat. It will offer up twists along the way, without being anything we haven’t seen before.

When it comes to the action, we have the safe action. Decker needs to take on more difficult threats as the film unfolds. The military watching on, waiting for the right thing to do, works well, even if they look helpless.

The performances in the movie are fine. Nobody shines, Tim Abell isn’t the cool or ruthless leading man. Don Scribner isn’t the most menacing villain.

If you want to watch the movie, it is here.

Final ThoughtsRapid Assault is a simple TV action movie, easy to watch.