Wasteland (2018) Movie Review

Director: Lisa Mulcahy

Writer: Bruce McLeod (Screenplay)

Starring: Laurie Kynaston, Mark Addy, Akbar Kurtha, Stephanie Hyam, Esme Creed-Miles, Mariam Haque

Plot: After a young man wakes up after a savage attack, he attempts to piece back together his past to find out who he is and how he came to his current state.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wasteland starts when a young man Stevie (Kynaston) is saved from a savage beating, he can’t remember much about his life and must go on a journey through the local town to learn the truth about who he is.

As the journey continues, he starts seeing people come after him, a young woman Jess (Hyam) being scared of him and an ill father (Addy) dealing with his own addictions.

Thoughts on Wasteland

ThoughtsWasteland is a dark crime thriller that will show the trauma one young man is going through as he looks to learn the truth, in a path that will go from one dark place to another as he learns the horrors of what happened in his life, before needing to face up to them, finishing off what he created once and for all. This will use the small English town setting to show how the criminal groups will operate within the area and will give us the area that will show the peace and quiet around the area. Laurie Kynaston in the leading role is brilliant to watch in his role, one that is filled with the unknown of what is going on. This is one that will be worth watching, one that will give you a surprising outcome to what we are seeing.

Final Thoughts Wasteland is a haunting thriller that is gritty from start to finish.

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