A Perfect Vintage (2021) Movie Review ‘Fascinating Documentary’

A Perfect Vintage – Fascinating Documentary


Director: Troy Christian

Plot: Experience the journey of some of the world’s finest winemakers as they dance with mother nature and take advantage of the Napa region’s most epic vintage in decades

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on A Perfect Vintage

ThoughtsA Perfect Vintage is a documentary looking at how a host of different winemakers operate in the Napa valley, with each one having their own style to bring their own taste to the wines they are creating. We get to see how they winemakers will look to mother nature to give them the best crop, from hopes of perfect weather conditions, as well as showing the effects on the business when things don’t go correctly. We see the harvest techniques, from the calm area to the smooth operation to get the best out of the grapes, seeing how they will process the fruits, the full operation. A Perfect Vintage is a fascinating look at the winemaking process, showing everything the people will go through to make the wines each year and how much work is put into each bottle. If you want to learn the process of winemaking, this is the documentary for you.

Final Thoughts A Perfect Vintage Fascinating documentary about the winemaking process.

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