Some Like it Rare (2021) Movie Review

Director: Fabrice Eboue

Writer: Fabrice Eboue, Vincent Solignac (Screenplay)

Starring: Marina Fois, Fabrice Eboue, Jean-Francise Cayrey, Lise Do Couto Texeira, Virginie Hozuq, Victor Meutelet

Plot: Pascal and his wife Sophie have been running a small local butcher’s shop for about twenty years. Sophie stands with great love for her customers at the cash register and Vincent cuts the carefully selected meat with just as much love. And they lived happily ever after, you might think. But then, as is the case with many small tradesmen, business went downhill and so did their relationship. After almost 30 years of marriage, the marriage bed is as alive as the sausages in the counter. Mutual irritation hinders any form of dialogue. Love, business – nothing works out, so Sophie seeks refuge in her great passion: TV shows about serial killers. Vincent unleashes all his love on Pépère, his gentle rottweiler

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Some Like it Rare starts when a family butchery run by Sophie (Fois) and Vincent (Eboue) get attacked by a vegan activist group, they couple find themselves frustrated at not getting protection.

The pair will find themselves turning to an alternative way to make sure they stay in business, one that will bring them closer than they have been in years.

Thoughts on Some Like it Rare

ThoughtsSome Like it Rare is a dark comedy horror follow a family butchery that will turn to a new idea to get the meat for their store, one that will seem the relight the fire of their marriage and get to finally feel proud of their work among their friends. The dark tone of the film will drive the entertainment factor in this Belgian film, which will see how far people will end up going to maintain a business, while see how easily they can get away with the crimes they are committing. Marina Fois and Fabrice Eboue are both great tow watch in the leading roles, getting plenty of laughs along the way. Some Like it Rare is an enjoyable dark comedy that will leave you wanting to see more from the characters.

Signature Entertainment present Some Like It Rare on Digital Platforms 21st March

Final Thoughts Some Like it Rare is truly dark comedy, with plenty of laughs.

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