Lost Angel (2021) Movie Review


Director: Simon Drake

Writer: Simon Drake, Louise Hume (Screenplay)

Starring: Sascha Harman, Fintan Shevlin, Duncan Henderson, Tim Blissett, Maggie Clune, Tessa Cushan, Nigel Fairs

Plot: News of a death sparks a young woman’s quest for justice.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lost Angel starts when Lisa (Harman) looks to investigate what happened to her sister, who had her death recorded as a suicide, leaving her asking more questions upon her arrival in the town.

As Lisa searches for answers, she is joined by Rich (Shevlin) the ghost of a man that knows more than anyone else is willing to help her with, as he guides her towards the answers she is searching for.

Thoughts on Lost Angel

ThoughtsLost Angel is a mystery thriller following a young woman looking to solve the mystery around her sister’s death. This is a thriller that wants to look to answer questions that nobody else is even trying to get to the bottom off, which would seem to make the pacing feel awfully slow, as it is go to one location, ask a question or two, communicate with the ghost helping her, getting more clues. It all comes off feeling strange, never becoming intense and performed in a way that doesn’t make much engaging. Lost Angel ends up feeling like a flat thriller, that never manages to pull the audience in, never hitting the levels that will make it engaging and falls flat when we needed to see a bigger impact happening.

Final Thoughts Lost Angel is a thriller that never really gets going.

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