Seize the Night (2022) Movie Review ‘Amazing Journey Through the Night’

Seize the Night – Amazing Journey


Director: Gene Blalock

Writer: Pasha Gerard, Jhan Harp (Screenplay)

Starring: Nina Bergman, Pasha Gerard, Jonathan Erickson Eisley, Trevor Toreth, Matt Miller, Justin Sandler, Kristin Walker

Plot: Over the course of one night, a whirlwind romance between a drug dealer and a mysterious singer takes them on a collision course with a dangerous mind-control drug through the Los Angeles underground scene.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Seize the Night starts when a mysterious singer GG (Bergman) meets drug dealer GB (Gerard), they two decide to avoid their meetings and go on an adventure for the night, one that will see the pair experience whirlwind romance, unlikely anything they have been through before.

As the night unfolds the two get to learn more about each other, while the secrets from their past and their true identities will come to the surface.

Thoughts on Seize the Night

ThoughtsSeize the Night is a drama thriller that will show how two strangers can meet and have a moment in life that can only be experienced, never explained, showing how the two people from different worlds can spend a magical night together, going through events they wouldn’t normally attend, to learning to embrace the different moments they could see. Nina Bergman and Pasha Gerard are both wonderful in the leading roles, bringing their characters to life in this whirlwind night. Seize the Night will bring some interesting ideas to what is available in a night, with the future concepts of an entertaining night being the major factor of the film.

Final Thoughts Seize the Night is an amazing journey through the night.

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