The Seed (2021) Movie Review ‘Blood Soaked Weekend’

The Seed – Blood Soaked Weekend


Director: Sam Walker

Writer: Sam Walker (Screenplay)

Starring: Lucy Martin, Chelsea Edge, Sophie Vavasseur, Anthony Edridge, Jamie Wittebrood, Shirley Brachou Pisani

Plot: What starts out as girls weekend away in the Mojave desert becomes a tale of horror, death and alien invasion.

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Seed starts when three friends, Deidre (Martin), Charlotte (Edge) and Heather (Vavasseur) head to the remote desert house for a girl’s weekend away from the world, giving Deidre a chance to impress her social media following and the girls to watch a once in a lifetime meteor shower.

During the shower an objected falls from the sky, leading the girls to get caught up in the decision on what to do next about what fell from the sky.

Thoughts on The Seed

Characters & Performances – Deidre is the social media star, she is glued to her phone, always looking for content to maintain her presence on social media, she hates anything out of place, looks down on people who aren’t following her decisions, pushing her friends into doing things don’t like. Deidre is a self-centred figure that most people will laugh at how shallow they are. Charlotte is the opposite to Deidre, she doesn’t use social media, she believes in a more traditional lifestyle, which will see her working a more everyday job, not being able to live the luxuries of the other two friends. Heather is the daughter of the owner of the house, she tends to be put more into the easily led astray character, letting Deidre’s opinions make the decisions in her life for her, while keeping most of her own opinions to herself. The three stars of the movie are great, with Lucy Martin playing into the social media presence, Chelsea Edge bringing the character who wants away from social media and Sophie Vavasseur showing the insecurities of her character.

StoryThe story here will follow three friends on a girl’s weekend when they get a visit from something that falls from the sky, leading to a strange series of events for the friends, as they look for answers. The Seed will take the story that will show the brittle relationship between the three friends, as they look to fight back against the unknown threat, showing their true colours towards each other, while giving us a smart idea for everything we end up seeing. The story is also kept simple, not diving too far into what could have been happening in the bigger picture, showing just how the three would be dealing with problem they are facing.

ThemesThe Seed is a horror comedy that will use the location to create the isolation, with the motivation of being there for a photo shoot in the desert, adding into the comedy of not wanting to be there because of the heat. The horror comes from the sci-fi side of things, as we look at how everything could unfold, while not holding back of the blood splatter once everything in unleashed. The Seed will use great effects, when it comes to the creature placed into the world, showing there is still a place for practical effects in horror.

Final Thoughts The Seed is a fun horror comedy unleashing a fresh enemy upon the world.

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