World Ends at Camp Z (2021) Movie Review ‘Fun Little Zombie Movie’

World Ends at Camp Z – Fun Little Zombie Movie


Director: Ding Wang

Writer: Ding Wang (Screenplay)

Starring: Anne-Carolyne Binette, Dean Persons, Osawa Muskwa, Michael Czemerys, Serge Blais, James Chapman

Plot: During the pandemic, the present camp owner is forced to entertain the new buyer then learns of his evil intentions towards the land. In order to stop the sale he has tricks up his sleeve but a zombie uprising was never one of them.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: World Ends at Camp Z starts when Vanessa (Binette) is looking to prepare a camp for purchase, the current residents Julian (Persons) and Clay (Muskwa) are not looking to let the camp go to the wrong hands.

When the potential buyer Aaron (Czemerys) arrives at the camp, he and his friends are everything Julian feared for the camp, while vanessa is only just learning about the darker plans of her boyfriend, but things will only start to get worse for the people at the camp, as a virus outbreak starts to bring the dead back to life.

Thoughts on World Ends at Camp Z

Characters & Performances – Vanessa is the lawyer looking to get the deal done for her client and partner, she wants to keep herself honest with the approach unaware of his plan for the camp. She will see the pure side of the people looking to keep the traditions of the camp alive, while understanding the evil side of what her side has planned. Julian is the young man that has lived and worked in the camp for longer than he remembers, he will do everything to protect it and stop it falling into the wrong hands, he starts to show why he hates people from the city, while seeing the better side behind Vanessa’s actions. Aaron is the man that is looking to buy the camp site, he has sent Vanessa to make it seem like a simple plan, only to have his own plans to the camp site. We do get the typical characters you would expect to see in the zombie movie, leaving us waiting to see how they survive the zombie attacks. The performances don’t add too much to the film, but nobody is bad, they will play into the characters traits through the film.

StoryThe story here will follows a group of property investors who are looking to buy out a camp site, find themselves needing to work together with the employees at the camp site to fight back against a zombie outbreak. When it comes to the zombie sub-genre of movies, we know the story will be mostly easy to watch, giving us characters that we know will get what is coming to them in this world, as the zombie numbers increase and the peril the group find themselves in increases. It doesn’t bring anything new, but doesn’t need to, keeping it an easy watch for the zombie environment we are involved in.

ThemesWorld Ends at Camp Z is a horror that will dive into the zombie sub-genre of horror, that will give us plenty to see in the effects side of the zombie creations, while using the cover of night to keep everything feeling more panicked about the attacks.

Final Thoughts World Ends at Camp Z is a by the book zombie outbreak movie.

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