Undergrads (2022) Movie Review ‘Reflective Drama’

Undergrads – Reflective Drama


Director: Andrew Zuckerman

Writer: Dillon Orth, Andrew Zuckerman (Screenplay)

Starring: Trace Guzman, Chloe Skoczen, Dillon Orth, Elijah McNally, Ali Rosenthal, Xaiver Goodman, Maya Caulfield

Plot: With college drawing to a close, a group of friends are left to re-examine themselves and their relationships over the course of a weekend.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Undergrads starts as we meet the college students Jaimie (Guzman) and Chloe (Skoczen) who are facing a difficult decision about their relationship, with Chloe getting a chance to move to New York for the next stage of her life. Wyatt (Orth) and Drew (McNally) best friends that are seeing themselves falling into different directions, with Drew seeing his future looking promising, while Wyatt is on the edge of throwing everything away.

As the guys and girls go their separate way for a weekend to reflect on their lives and futures, they start to see what they want and where life could take them, as they prepare for the real world and what it holds for them.

Thoughts on Undergrads

ThoughtsUndergrads is a reflective look at college life and how despite becoming adults, the young people don’t know what they want or are expecting from their lives. We follow the lives of these students over a weekend, where they see things changing for them, some for the good, some for the unknown and some self-inflicted. When it comes to the college life, we always get to see the uncertainty or pressure piled on the students who are given the demand that this small time is about partying and preparing for the rest of their lives, only it is never that easy to put together. Undergrads will highlight the problems that can come from this, seeing how the friendship made there can be important to get through the bad times and prepare the next times. We have a young cast here, who don’t put a foot wrong in their performances, with a host of names to look out for in the future. Undergrads is a movie that will let us see how life can change in an instant, showing us how difficult the big decisions truly can be for everyone around us.

Final Thoughts Undergrads is a reflective drama that makes you think about the steps we take in life.

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