BreakOut Music Is Set To Premiere ‘The Microchip That Ruined Halloween,’ a Comedic Thriller This Fall

BreakOut Music Is Set To Premiere ‘The Microchip That Ruined Halloween,’ a Comedic Thriller This Fall


BreakOut Music is all set to release a comedy-horror film this fall. The production house is just done with the post-production of the film, titled “The Microchip That Ruined Halloween.” This complete entertainment is packed with humor, shock, and unexpected thrills. Moreover, it includes a star-studded cast that is alarmingly well-matched. The film begins with a prison psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Kreplach (Jackie Hoffman), ordering a microchip to be discreetly inserted into a dangerous prisoner. Everything was going according to plan until the reformed prisoner joined a college fraternity. At that point, the microchip loses control, resulting in a disastrous Halloween night full of hilarious, thrilling, suspenseful, and dynamic events guaranteed to make the audience appalled. It’s a star-studded film that includes Emmy Award-winning actress Jackie Hoffman, Princess Love, Jimmy Palumbo, Terrell Carter, Miguel Nunez Jr., and so on. 

Founded in 2019 by Co-CEOs Miriam Bavly and Peter John, BreakOut Music is a full-service production house and music label that primarily focuses on romantic comedy, drama, horror, action, and fantasy films. Miriam Bavly holds a BA and an MS from Harvard University. She has plenty of experience in the industry, having worked on award-winning media and film productions, which she puts to good use in creating masterpieces. Peter John, on the other hand, is an outstanding artist as well as an entertainment lawyer. He has negotiated multimillion-dollar deals for various artists. He adds his knowledge of the music industry to the media company. Peter has also achieved success on the Billboard and iTunes charts. Together, they are dedicated to enhancing the visibility of outstanding artists through efficient branding and the creation of thought-provoking screenwriting that benefits society. We’re sure that “The Microchip That Ruined Halloween,” with its ideal blend of horror and comedy, will be a hit with the audience.

Visit BreakOut Music’s website for more information on their upcoming projects. 

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