Just Swipe (2021) Movie Review ‘Fun Rom Com’

Just Swipe – Sweet Rom Com


Director: Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

Writer: Wendy Braff (Screenplay) Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (Story)

Starring: Jodie Sweetin, David Lipper, Danielle Perez, Alec Mapa, Mike Bradecich, Rachelle Carson-Begley

Plot: Vanessa has always had trouble in the dating world, never mind now being confined to her home. She soon discovers just how much you can get away with dating via webcam, but is the love she feels true or only a distorted version of reality?

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Just Swipe starts as Vanessa (Sweetin) has been struggling in the dating world, where her best friends Donna (Perez) and Miles (Mapa) has always been around her, while pointing out how she always becomes picky. Once the pandemic hits, Vanessa still finds herself alone, with only video calls to keep her company.

As Vanessa turns to the video dating world, she meets Brandon (Lipper) a man that isn’t like the normal men she would date, but the two have a chemistry she wants to be around.

Thoughts on Just Swipe

ThoughtsJust Swipe will bring the pandemic dating scene to the movies, as we see how a couple of strangers find themselves falling for each other during the lockdowns, as they are left to spend time getting to know each other through webcam conversations. Where the search for love is always going to be an interesting idea for a romantic movie, seeing how the two different sides of getting to know somebody, which is half the thrills involved in dating. Where we can find a negative side of things, it the using of the pandemic as a plot device, pushing it down our throat through the movie, in every scene, playing it was hard for people who didn’t leave their homes. Back to the positives, we must talk about the performances where Jodie Sweetin and David Lipper are both great, showing a nice comfortable chemistry throughout, while the support cast also get plenty of laughs. Taking away the one negative side of the film, we will get the romantic movie that will have all the heart and soul to make things enjoyable, along with the Steve the dog, who will make you go aww every time you see him.

Final Thoughts Just Swipe is a feel-good romantic comedy, with strong performances and great chemistry between the cast.

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