Glasshouse (2021) Movie Review ‘Thought Provoking Thriller’

Glasshouse – Thought Provoking Thriller


Director: Kelsey Egan

Writer: Emma Lungiswa De Wet, Kelsey Egan (Screenplay)

Starring: Jessica Alexander, Kitty Harris, Adrienna Pearce, Hilton Pelser, Anja Talhaard, Brent Vermeulen

Plot: Confined to their glasshouse, a family survives The Shred, a toxin that erases memory. Until the sisters are seduced by a Stranger who shatters their peace and stirs a past best left buried.

Tagline – Oblivion is bliss

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Glasshouse starts as we meet the small family living in a glasshouse to survive The Shred, a toxin that erases memories. Mother (Pearce) raises Bee (Alexander), Daisy (Harris), Evie (Taljaard) and Gabe (Vermeulen) in peace, until a stranger (Pelser) is bought into the house, breaking the rules.

Once the stranger is inside, Bee starts to believe that he is their lost brother Luca, causing the bigger decisions needing to be put on the sisters, as they will need to plan to survive if there are extra mouths to feed.

Thoughts on Glasshouse

ThoughtsGlasshouse is a sci-fi thriller showing a world that has become dangerous, with a toxin erasing memories, causing a family needing to work through a routine to survive, using their beliefs to make it through the struggles to survive. This is a film that has such an interesting storyline, that will constantly leave you asking more questions about what is going, leaving us with an even more shocking conclusion. This is a new spin on the end of the world situation, while never given away too much about the bigger picture. This will focus more on the drama of what has been happening with memory loss, which will have different effects on everyone involved. The performances are good in the film, with Jessica Alexander and Anja Taljaard getting the main sequences and bigger discussions involved in the film. The singular location of the glasshouse shows the isolated location needed to leave plenty of questions about what has happened in the bigger world.

Signature Entertainment presents Glasshouse on Digital Platforms 7th February.

Final Thoughts Glasshouse is a thriller that will stick with you for ages.

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