Lockdown (2021) Movie Review ‘Generic Action Film’

Lockdown – Generic Action Film


Director: Micah Lyons

Writer: Micah Lyons (Screenplay)

Starring: Kevin Nash, Swayde McCoy, Brooke Lyons, David D Ford, Jason C Campbell, Stephanie Kae Smith

Plot: Rex (Kevin Nash) and his men aim to kill the homeless people living in a local deserted school hoping it’ll slow an ultra-deadly strand of covid. Now, outnumbered 100 to 1, “Hap” must save his little sister.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lockdown starts in a world ravished by disease, Dean ‘Hap’ (Ford) is searching for his little sister Courtney (Smith) in an abandoned high school that has become the refuge for the homeless. Rex (Nash) leads a group of vigilantes who are looking to clean up the infected, which will see him send his men to the high school to kill any homeless people in the building, forcing Hap and Courtney to put their differences aside to escape the bloodshed.

Thoughts on Lockdown

Characters & Performances – Dean or Hap as everyone knows him, has been roaming the area in search of his sister, looking to protect her from people who want her dead, he is trained to fight and will step up against the odds to try and save her. Courtney is the sister who is living within the homeless community in the high school, eh doesn’t want help, believing being away from the family is her own fault. Rex is the ring leader of the people trying to kill anyone who gets in the way of non-infected, he orders attacks in the high school. Slater is the one leading the attack, for Rex, he takes things personally when Hap starts fighting back. The performances are not the strongest here either, which doesn’t help from the shallow written characters we find ourselves meeting.

StoryLockdown follows a man trying to protect his sister from a group of extremists who believe they are helping cure the Covid-19 outbreak, after too many people get caught up together are seen as a threat. This story is one of the many that has used the real-life situation and reactions to the pandemic to show one side of what people are thinking. It does feel like a lazy idea for a story, because it will use the real disease name and ends up going nowhere with how things unfold, while also having the guts to believe it could get a sequel.

ThemesLockdown is an action horror that will see a group of mercenaries target a group of homeless people during a virus outbreak. The action involved in the film is simple enough, using the high school to create different strategical moments. We could have had more from the action, considering the idea was to eliminate a large number of people, but everything is off camera.

Final Thoughts Lockdown is a generic action film that lacks the direction to give us intense action.

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