Caught in Time (2020) Movie Review ‘Slick Action Film’

Caught in Time – Slick Action Thriller


Director: Ho-Leung Lau

Writer: Lee Hong, Ho-Leung Lau (Screenplay)

Starring: Qianyuan Wang, Daniel Wu, Jessie Li, Michelle Wai, Xiao Yu, Xiaochuan Li

Plot: A detective tracks down a gang of criminals ten years after they initially evaded arrest.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Caught in Time starts ruthless criminals led by Zhang Sun (Wu) start a string of robberies around Shanghai, leaving bodies behind, but no clues as to who is behind them. Detective Zhong Cheng (Wang) is leading the hunt for the criminals, as they look to put a stop to their criminal ways before too many people are hurt.

As the crimes increase, the determination to track them down intensifies, as Zhang Sun goes into hiding, making the search for him even more difficult.

Thoughts on Caught in Time

ThoughtsCaught in Time is a slick action thriller following the deadly cat-n-mouse trying to track down the criminals behind a string of deadly bank robberies. Caught in Time does give each sequences a relentless feel, as we see both sides of what is going on, without painting the criminals as misguided, only greedy. It shows how they are looking to commit the string of robberies, while the police are trying to get one step ahead of them, without too much success. Each will offer up a closer battle, which will see both sides paying to consequences of the actions. The performances from Qianyuan Wang and Daniel Wu are both great, showing both of their characters in the more determined light. Caught in Time is an action filled that will have chases, shooting and combat, which all work well for the film without being anything truly great like many others of the similar genres will give you.

Signature Entertainment presents Caught in Time on Digital Platforms 7th February

Final Thoughts Caught in Time is a slick action film, with plenty of relentless action sequences.

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