The Lodge (2008) Movie Review

Director: Brad Helmink, John Rauschelbach

Writer: Deb Havener (Screenplay)

Starring: Kevin McClatchy, Elizabeth Kell, Owen Szabo, Mandi Kreisher, Liz Jones, Deanna Cramer

Plot: A young couple’s weekend getaway at a secluded mountain ranch becomes an unfathomable nightmare when they discover the truth about the caretaker.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Lodge starts when Michael (Szabo) and Julia (Kell) look to have a romantic getaway in a remote lodge, where they meet the overly friendly caretaker Henry (McClatchy) who does make them feel uncomfortable.

When the couple learn about Henry’s true reason for lurking around the lodge, they must figure out how to escape from the man who has his own plans for them.

Thoughts on The Lodge

ThoughtsThe Lodge is a horror thriller that will see a couple needing to work together to escape from a man that has their own plans for them in the remote lodge they had hoped to spend a weekend away. This is a story that will start off slowly, despite showing the darker side of what might be happening early on, but doesn’t let the film have enough time to breath in the escape side of things, with everything happening so fast, it seems like nothing is let loose. The location does help the film, as the beautiful location would draw people in, but what happens feels like it might have been reported by now. The performances are fine, nobody is bad, but nobody involved is tested to do more than above and beyond, making this feel like a comfortable late-night horror.

Final Thoughts The Lodge is the standard late-night horror.

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