ABC Film Challenge – Catch-Up 2021 – N – Nobody (2021) Movie Review

Nobody – Action Blast


Director: Ilya Naishuller

Writer: Derek Kolstad (Screenplay)

Starring: Bob Odenkirk, Aleksey Serebryakov, Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside, Colin Salmon

Plot: A bystander who intervenes to help a woman being harassed by a group of men becomes the target of a vengeful drug lord.

Tagline – Never underestimate a nobody.
Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Nobody starts as we meet mild-mannered Hutch Mansell (Odenkirk) whose everyday routine has become like clockwork. When his family are targeted by a robber, Hutch looks to unleash a secret from his previous life, one that will see him go after the people who robbed him.

After Hutch unleashes his pent up rage, he finds himself being targeted by mobster Yulian (Serebryakov) who wants him to pay for what he did to his son, but Hutch isn’t just a random guy, he has plenty of deadly skills to defend himself.

Thoughts on Nobody

Characters & Performances – Hutch Mansell has been working through an everyday job, with the routine to keep him in a quiet life away from his past, though he is starting to get tired of this routine and after an incident in his home, he looks to unleash all the rage built up, leading him to need to cover up his tracks when mobsters target his family. Bob Odenkirk is the star of the show here, getting the deadpan behind the action star, without needing to be all out action through the film. Yulian is the mobster that is hunting Hutch down, he is everything you would expect from a European mobster using his position of power to make sure he stays ahead of anyone in his field. The supporting cast don’t add too much to this film with the exception of Christopher Lloyd as Hutch’s father in a nursing home, which won’t see him move much, but he gets a couple of funny sequences.

StoryThe story here follows a mild-mannered man that gets drawn out of his quiet suburban life to return to life of violence when a mobster targets his family. When you look at this story, how the man gets bought back into the world is very similar to John Wick, which shows us first how you will never know your neighbour and secondary, people will always defend their family. The story does seem to take a much more deadpan approach, which works with how almost reluctant Hutch is to get back into this world. It is an easy watch action film that never lets you down.

ThemesNobody is an action thriller that will show a man with a secret past thrown back into the underworld of violence to defend his family, one which is filled with plenty of fights, both hand to hand and firearms that feels non-stop. The settings are used to show the quiet life Hutch lives, that gets interrupted when the mobsters come into his life.

Final Thoughts Nobody is an easy watch action blast that has a deadpan style which is unlike anything we have seen before.

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