Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11 (2021) Movie Review

Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11 – Essential Documentary


Director: David Belton, Bjorn Johnson

Plot: Documentary collects accounts of 9/11, recorded in the months after the attacks, and present-day testimonials from the same eyewitnesses.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11

ThoughtsMemory Box: Echoes of 9/11 is a documentary that saw the survivors of the 9/11 attacks, give personal recordings of what they felt, experienced on that tragic day. In 2021, some of these people get to return to the booth, to show how the events of that day changed their lives forever. The string of interviews will show the struggles they have been through since that day. We see the painful memories of the day that shock everyone who lived through it, making this a difficult watch for anyone who never understood how to feel about what we went through. Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11 is a documentary only looking at the people survived, there is no deep dive into who was behind it, why it happened, it is a pure examination of the survivors trying to show what it felt like to make it out alive and the impact it had on their lives.

Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11’ will air 18th January, 9pm on SKY Documentaries ahead of the BAFTA TV Awards.

Final Thoughts Memory Box: Echoes of 9/11 is a must watch documentary, leaving you just as broken as the tragic day.

Killing Field (2021) Movie Review ‘Standard Action Film’

Killing Field – Standard Action Film


Director: James Cullen Bressack

Writer: Ross Peacock (Screenplay)

Starring: Chad Michael Murray, Bruce Willis, Swen Temmel, Michael Sirow, Kate Katzman, Sean Kanan, Simon Phillips, Zack Ward

Plot: A man’s life on his farm is interrupted when a cop and a pair of dangerous criminals show up.

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Killing Field starts when cops David (Willis) and Cal (Temmel) follow a drug deal, planning on making a bust, only for everything to go wrong, David left injured and Cal in pursuit of the criminals.

The chase will see them end up on grieving farmer Eric (Murray) farmhouse, which will see him team up with Cal to take down Frank (Sirow) and his men who are waiting for the boss to arrive to deal with the problems.

Thoughts on Killing Field

Characters & Performances – Eric is the grieving farmer who has recently lost his wife and daughter in an accident, he is on the edge, with this attack on his land being a chance to face death. He will team up with the detective to fight to protect his land from the criminals, using his knowledge of the land and his skills are a former army ranger. Chad Michael Murray does bring the grieving figure to life, while his combat skills work for what is needed in the film. Cal is the younger partner of David, he is looking to track down the criminals, needing to use stealth to stay ahead of them, so they can finally bring them down, teaming up with Eric to make it happen. David is the senior partner of Cal, who has been after the family involved for years, now coming face to face with the son who has his own reason for coming after him. Frank is leading the hunt, he is calm and calculated with his threats, while answers to the real boss along the way. When it comes to most of the performances in this film, we know what we are going to get, Bruce Willis on set, a villain in Michael Sirow who is trying to make himself standout in the film and the rest of the hench people having weird quirks about them.

StoryThe story here follows a group of criminals that look to take shelter in a remote farmhouse, only to find themselves bring track down by a cop and the farmer looking to escape his painful life. This is a story that will see the law needing to fight back against a larger number of criminals to do the right thing, the story is built for a major change in the narrative, which never seems to come. The story does give Eric some closure in his life, while the rest of the characters don’t get much to do, which will make the story feel flat by the end.

ThemesKilling Field is an action film that will use the isolated farmhouse and surroundings to create the different action sequences, with each putting our heroes against the different hench people, with different styles involved. The action is by the books, with a series of lazy feeling car chases that are shot badly.

Signature Entertainment presents Killing Field on Digital Platforms 17th January and DVD 24th January.

Final Thoughts Killing Field is a by the books action film, never offering anything edgy enough to elevate it.

ABC Film Challenge – Catch-Up 2021 – M – Me, Myself & Di (2021) Movie Review ‘Enjoyable Comedy’

Director: Chris Green

Writer: Samantha Lloyd (Screenplay)

Starring: Katy Clayton, Lucy Pinder, James Lance, Tyger Drew-Honey, Will Mellor, Larry Lamb, Will Snape

Plot: When Bridget Jones-type Janet wins the trip of a lifetime, she’s convinced by her best friend to pretend to be the opposite of who she actually is, in the hope of finding love – But it’s only when she becomes herself again that Janet gets close to her happy ever after.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Me, Myself and Di starts as Janet (Clayton) is celebrating her 30th birthday where the community love her kind fun loving nature, but she hasn’t found herself finding love yet. Her birthday doesn’t go to plan when her latest date just ignores her, but things turn around when she wins a holiday away, wanting to take her best friend Di (Pinder).

As the pair head off to the caravan site, Janet looks to try and be more recognizable, only for her to see a different side to Di, where she starts to question how valid their friendship really is, while finding herself along the way.

Thoughts on Me, Myself and Di

ThoughtsMe, Myself and Di is a romantic comedy about finding yourself no matter what your age, showing us how needing to break out of a cycle. This will show the importance of friendship, both within how you treat each other and understanding how certain people in your life might feel about you. Janet is one of the most likable characters you will see on screen, with her pure positive happy-go-lucky personality, despite holding back her own loneliness. Katy Clayton makes this character come off perfectly through this film. When it comes to the rest of the character Diana fills the uncertain best friend who is used to being the centre of attention, given her own situation to try and understand, which will help understand why she is acting certain ways in the film. The caravan holiday location plays into what we would know in the UK, with the affordable holidays at home. This is a movie that will leave you smiling, with how it all goes, knowing things can go from good to bad at a click of a fingers and back again.

Final Thoughts Me, Myself and Di is an enjoyable comedy that is truly British in storytelling.