Margrete – Queen of the North – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents Margrete – Queen of the North on Digital Platforms 14th March

Margrete: Queen of the North is a tense and powerful historical epic about the untold story of the woman who united Scandinavia in a time of war. The year is 1402. Margrete has achieved what no man has managed before; she has gathered Denmark, Norway and Sweden into a peace-oriented union that she rules through her adopted son, King Erik. But a conspiracy is in the making and Margrete finds herself in an impossible dilemma that could shatter her life’s work. This epic tale about power, corruption and war machinations was directed by Charlotte Sieling and stars Tryne Dyrholm (In A better WorldThe Commune), Soren Malling (The Killing, Borgen) andThomas W. Gabrielsson (The Bridge, A Royal Affair).

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020) Movie Review ‘One of the Best Time Travel Films in Years’

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – One of the Best Time Travel Movies in Years


Director: Junta Yamaguchi

Writer: Makoko Ueda (Screenplay)

Starring: Kazunari Tosa, Riko Fujitani, Gota Ishida, Masashi Suwa, Yoghifumi Sakai, Haruki Nakagawa

Plot: A cafe owner discovers that the TV in his cafe suddenly shows images from the future, but only two minutes into the future.

Runtime: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes starts as Kato (Tosa) finishes his shift at work and head upstairs to relax, only to find himself, talking to himself in the future, through the TV screen in his room, from down in the café below.

As Kato has the two-minute conversation, he heads downstairs, finding himself having the same conversation, only this time as the TV screen side of the conversation. After Kato introduces this to his friends, the conversation becomes deeper, as they try to figure out what they can do with this newfound gift.

Thoughts on Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

ThoughtsBeyond the Infinite Two Minutes is a time travel movie with a unique twist, that will make it one of the most intriguing movies you will ever see. Time travel films will always offer up a discussion, both with the audience and the character, with the last great discussion on screen being in Primer. Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes will also adopt the single take concept, which for the movie is even more unique, as we often get to see the conversations from both angles, which both asks questions and answers them. Any time travel movie will need to test the audience, which this does everything needed. The characters will go through the conversation about what they could do with this new gift, one that will always dive into becoming rich or getting the answers they want to make it through the situation. The performances are great too, showing the friends coming up with the ideas through the film. Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is a time travel film that could easily be placed upon the best time travel films of all time.

Final Thoughts Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is easily one of the best time travel movies you will see.

ABC Film Challenge – Catch-Up 2021 – L – Last Call (2021) Movie Review

Director: Paolo Pilladi

Writer: Paolo Pilladi, Greg Lingo (Screenplay) Greg Lingo, Michael Baughan, Billy Reilly (Story)

Starring: Jeremy Piven, Taryn Manning, Zach McGowan, Jack McGee, Bruce Dern, Jamie Kennedy, Cathy Moriarty

Plot: A real estate developer returns to his old Philly neighborhood and must decide to raze or resurrect the family bar.

Tagline – Some places never change.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Last Call starts as a real estate developer Mick (Piven) returns to his home neighbourhood, after his mother passes away, where his father has kept the bar going, despite money struggling, and his old friends are always just up for partying their way through life.

As Mick gets back into life in the neighbourhood, he looks to try and push through the construction of a casino in the area, until he learns to remember just how close the neighbourhood once was.

Thoughts on Last Call

ThoughtsLast Call is a comedy about remembering who was once important in life, taking a walk back down memory lane around the people they grew up with. This does everything you would expect a film that focuses on finding your meaning in life, be it being around friends or family, or successful. The cast do have great chemistry, showing us the true banter they have been through life on, with each one of the group having their own quirks and individuality about them. This is based on the real story of the area and how the community would come together for the right thing. With most of the comedy never hitting the heights in truly wants too.

Final Thoughts Last Call is an easy to watch comedy that will get a message over, while giving us an entertaining group of people to watch.