Last Radio Call (2021) Movie Review ‘Nice Found Footage Film’

Last Radio Call – Nice Found Footage


Director: Isaac Rodriguez

Writer: Isaac Rodriguez (Screenplay)

Starring: Sarah Froelich, Jason Scarbrough, June Griffin Garcia, Ali Alkhafaji, Keekee Suki

Plot: On June 30th, 2018, Officer David Serling went missing inside an undisclosed abandoned hospital. Using his recovered body cam footage, his wife attempts to piece together what happened to him on that horrible night.

Runtime: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Last Radio Call starts as Sarah Serling (Froelich) is still searching for answers about her husband David’s (Scarbrough) disappearance a year before. Sarah has hired a cameraman to record her journey, which will see her head to the last known location of Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

The deeper Sarah goes into the mystery, the more she learns about an unusual mystery around the hospital and the legends of the witching hour that has too many cases connected to it.

Thoughts on Last Radio Call

Characters & Performances – Sarah is the lead character and the only one that gets any major involvement in the story. Sarah saw her husband disappear and has spent a year searching for answers, leading to the building Yorktown Memorial Hospital, a building with a history for disappearances. Sarah does show the desperate side to her character, as a woman left with no answers, willing to listen to potential outcomes from different beliefs. Sarah Froelich does a great job, showing the pain her character has been through, leading to the realistic found footage performance we get. We only really get interviews, which will lead us down the path to learn more about what is going on, with only information coming into the story, from the support character, even the cameraman doesn’t get much of a character about them.

StoryThe story here follows a woman who wants to get more answers about her missing husband, who was last seen answering a police call out in an abandoned hospital. Last Radio Call is a found footage film, it is one that will give our leading character motivation to being looking through old footage, as they are searching for answers on a missing loved one, it doesn’t go into the technical side of the paranormal. Leaving us with a realistic investigation someone might take, when searching for answers, rather than just the standard, too many jumps, not much going on. Last Radio Call, will give us a clever story that does feel connected to everything else going on in the grander scale too.

ThemesLast Radio Call is a found footage horror movie that will give us a documentary feel to looking for a missing person. In fairness, we will know how most of this will unfold, with each scare created, expected to increase in horror value, as the movie roles on. Using the abandoned hospital as the main setting to make everything feel like we are waiting for a mystery around every corner.

Final Thoughts Last Radio Call is a smartly created found footage film, grabbing your attention on every corner.

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