The Lost Treasure (2022) Movie Review ‘Fun Adventure Film’

The Lost Treasure – Fun Adventure Film

Director: Stella Tinucci

Writer: Stella Tinucci (Screenplay)

Starring: Josh Margulies, Angelica Quinn, Dezmond Gilla, Stella Tinucci, Terry Bookhart, Kava Jones

Plot: Eddie Fox, a hustling treasure hunter, finds himself forced to embark on a journey into the jungle to prevent a power hungry egomaniac from finding an ancient weapon that could destroy the island.

Runtime: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Lost Treasure starts as Eddie Fox (Margulies) a famed treasure hunter located on a small jungle island, where he finds himself needing to work with his newly found team of Tanya (Tinucci) and Maleko (Roehl) as they must stop Charles Wellington (Gilla) and his hench people, Leilani (Bookhart) and Kainoa (Jones) who are after an ancient weapon.

As Eddie learns more about the stakes that will come from Charles getting possession of the weapon, he must use his connection to the island to save the island.

Thoughts on The Lost Treasure

Characters & Performances – Eddie Fox is the treasure hunter on a small island, he has always found a way to locate the treasure and built connections on the island and now he finds himself in the middle of one of the biggest hunts of his career, against a man who wants power, rather than discovery. Eddie as a character does feel like they could have their series of films, with different adventures in each story. Josh Margulies gives us a fun character, one that remains calm and puts the treasure hunting ahead of the conflict abilities. Charles Wellington is the eccentric man that will do anything to get the item, using money to get what he wants, and if that is refused, he will use manipulation or force. Dezmond Gilla makes for an entertaining villain, one that will be the figure you want to see what he will do next. In the supporting characters we have the plucky Tanya, working with Eddie, along with his long term partner in crime Maleko, while Charles is helped by the imposing figure of Kainoa and the fiery Leilani.

StoryThe story here follows a treasure hunter that must stop an eccentric man from uncovering a powerful ancient weapon which could be used for evil, while understanding more about his ancestor’s involvement in keeping it safe. This is a story that could easily be seen as an introduction to the character of Eddie Fox, with the idea that he will or has many more adventures to have or to tell. This one does feel like a routine story, but one that is easy to watch and enjoy the ride with the characters involved.

ThemesThe Lost Treasure is an adventure movie that focuses on the treasure hunting ways of Eddie Fox, as his small jungle island becomes the key location for a missing artefact. Everywhere we are taken, is what we expect to see in a treasure hunting movie.

Final Thoughts The Lost Treasure is an enjoyable and easy to watch adventure movie.

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