The Kid Detective (2020) Movie Review ‘What a Treat’

Director: Evan Morgan

Writer: Evan Morgan (Screenplay)

Starring: Adam Brody, Sophie Nelisse, Tzi Ma, Peter MacNeill, Maurice Dean Witt, Jonathan Whittaker, Wendy Crewson, Sarah Sutherland

Plot: A once-celebrated kid detective, now 32, continues to solve the same trivial mysteries between hangovers and bouts of self-pity. Until a naive client brings him his first ‘adult’ case, to find out who brutally murdered her boyfriend.

Tagline – No longer a kid. Not much of a detective.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Kid Detective starts as we meet the washed-up former kid detective Abe Applebaum (Brody) who became the go to guy for small mysteries around the town, before things dried up for him, now 32-years-old, where he tends to get drunk only to find himself doing the pointless cases.

This changes with Caroline (Nelisse) arriving in his office, asking for help to solve the murder of her boyfriend, a murder the police were unable to solve.

Thoughts on The Kid Detective

ThoughtsThe Kid Detective is a mystery comedy that will show us how a man who has spent his life believing he was a brilliant detective, only for things to dry up after the cases start falling apart. He is given a chance to redeem himself with the latest case, one that will open up the old wounds from the unsolved case which nearly ruined him. This will put Abe through the comedic locations of finding the truth, through the different people from his past which would have cause him to understand the truth about previous cases, he was so quick to solve. Adam Brody is brilliant in this leading role, bringing the downbeat character to life, while having time to add a small amount of comedy to what we see. The mystery itself will keep us guessing towards the truth, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. This is a treat of a movie that only gets better as more is revealed.

Final Thoughts The Kid Detective is a brilliant movie, with a dark tale and a stunning performance from Adam Brody.

ABC Film Challenge – Catch-Up 2021 – A – Ape Vs Monster (2021) Movie Review

Director: Daniel Lusko

Writer: George Michael Phillips (Screenplay)

Starring: Eric Roberts, Arianna Scott, Katie Sereika, Shayne Hartigan, Narek Kirekossian, Irina Pickard, Rudy Bentz

Plot: An ape crash-lands on Earth, which creates a sludge that makes him and a passing scorpion grow to giant-size, resulting in a fight for dominance.

Tagline – The greatest of all time!

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Ape vs. Monster starts when a joint US Russia experiment returns to Earth after decades away, the chimp that was piloting the craft has started to grow to enormous size, but remaining contained. Dr Linda Murphy (Scott) and Eva Kuleshov (Sereika) start looking for the truth about what has happened and when another creature starts growing too.

Linda and Eva must lead the charge to stop both the destruction monsters, leading them to a clash unlike anything mankind has seen before.

Thoughts on Ape Vs Monster

ThoughtsApe vs Monster is the cheap version of Godzilla vs Kong, without managing to create the magic of the beauty of the behemoths battling it out. We dive into the scientific side of everything, which borrows the weaker side of Rampage, failing to capture what makes these types of movie so entertaining, watching big monsters fight. The human characters are given more screen time, but with that we get to see just how ordinary they are to the story, leaving everything feeling flat. The CGI doesn’t inspire either, even if we are expecting a lower standard, the Ape looks like anyone could have created within a few minutes, with no care put into what we see. This is a sloppy cash crab that is nowhere near the level it needs to be.

Final Thoughts Ape vs Monster is a sloppy knock off, one of the weakest we have seen.

Thank You For 2021

Thank You for 2021

thank you

2021 is over and for the film world, I feel we had a great year for quality, enjoyable films. The film released gave me a chance to write about them and Movie Reviews 101 gave me a place to share the thoughts and feelings about them. I would like to thank everyone who stopped by to read, like or comment on the movies through the year, and look forward to seeing what 2022 will bring.

It isn’t only the fans of films that I want to thank, it is the amazing PR people that offered me a chance to talk about movies that not everyone would have heard off, giving me a chance to find hidden gems in the world, one I could share with everyone else too.

As for 2022, not much is going to change, I do want to continue improving my writing skills, something I have been trying to do for years. I want to continue bringing a range of movies from across the globe to be spotlighted on Movie Reviews 101 too.

As for the ABC Film Challenge, that is returning with the following subjects and as always, if you want to join in, feel free to spread the word.

January – Catch Up 2021 (A chance to watch anything I or you missed in 2021)

February – Oscar Nomination (Any film that has ever been nominated for a Oscar)

March – Personal Favourites

April – Action April

May – World Cinema

June – Sci-Fi

July – Animation

August – Romance

September – Movies from 2000s

October – Horror

November – Thriller

December – Looking Forward to in 2023

This feature has proven to be fun through the years and I hope even more people will join in, going forward.

The final dream I would like to target in 2022, is to branch out and write for other sites or even in print. This has been a long term dream of mine, despite knowing it will take a lot of work, I want to keep pushing to make it a reality.

A final thank you to everyone who makes this a possibility.