Radius (2017) Movie Review

Director: Caroline Labreche, Steeve Leonard

Writer: Caroline Labreche, Steeve Leonard (Screenplay)

Starring: Diego Klattenhoff, Charlotte Sullivan, Brett Donahue, Bradley Sawatzky, Andrea del Camp, Kristen Sawatzky

Plot: A man wakes up with no memory of who he is, and finds that everyone who comes within a certain distance of him suddenly dies.

Tagline – An amnesiac man discovers than anyone who comes within a 50-foot radius of him dies instantly.

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Radius starts when a man Liam (Klattenhoff) wakes up in the site of an accident without any memory, looking to find help, when he first encounters somebody, they drop dead instantly. This will lead Liam to try and continue himself as a danger, until a woman Jane (Sullivan) comes to him, looking for answers from the crash.

Liam learns that when he is close with Jane, he is safe, but as soon as they become separated, people start dying again, as they look for the answers.

Thoughts on Radius

ThoughtsRadius is a thriller that will see a man involved in an unknown incident that will suddenly become a dangerous weapon if living creatures get too close to him, until he meets a stranger who seems to be able to help him control what is going on, if they remain within a certain distance. This is a story that will offer up a massive mystery about who the two people are and what happened to cause their memory loss. The story will highlight just how difficult explaining the situation will become, without them sounding crazy, as well as looking for different solutions to make it safe for people around them. This is a story that will make you think, even if we don’t get the full answers to what created the situation, the concept of the aftermath of the incident is the most intriguing factor here. The lead performances from Diego Klattenhoff and Charlotte Sullivan in the leading roles are both great. The one big thing that would have been nice would have been seeing what caused everything though, it will leave you wondering about that side of the story by the end.

Final Thoughts Radius is a captivating idea, fuelled by the mystery of events.

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