Red Snow (2021) Movie Review ‘Fun Christmas Horror’

Red Snow – Fun Christmas Horror


Director: Sean Nichols Lynch

Writer: Sean Nichols Lynch (Screenplay)

Starring: Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, Laura Kennon, Vernon Wells, Alan Silva, Edward Ewell

Plot: A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Red Snow starts as vampire novelist living on Lake Tahoe finds herself getting a visit from a real vampire Luke (Bellamy) that crashes into her house. Julius King (Wells) has been hunting down the vampires for years, with Olivia helping Luke recover.

When the rest of Luke’s gang of vampires arrive, Jackie (Kennon) and Brock (Silva), Luke needs to decide whether to support them or help Olivia out.

Thoughts on Red Snow

Characters & Performances – Olivia is a vampire novelist who lives alone in Lake Tahoe, where she dreams of having one of her novels published, but is used to the rejection. When she helps nurse an injured vampire back to health, she starts to learn more about vampires, but will also need to fight back against other deadlier vampires. Dennice Cisneros will bring the best performance in the film, being the lonely figure early on and turning into the fighter by the end of the film. Luke is the injured vampire that lands on the doorstep of Olivia, he teaches her about what real vampires are, warning her about people coming for him and making her believe whatever she wants. Nico Bellamy does bring this vampire figure to life, adding the mystery about who he really is. Jackie and Brock are the other vampires searching for an injured Luke, while waiting to Julius King the vampire hunter that has tracked the three down.

StoryThe story here follows a vampire novelist who finds herself helping an injured vampire back to health, giving her an up close and personal story with vampires where everything she thought she knew isn’t what is needed to fight back against them. This is a story that will look to examine the legends of vampires in a more modern era, showing that if they are real, they are nothing like what have been written about. When it comes to seeing how everything unfolds it does show the change Olivia must go through as she learns about how nothing is out of her limitation with vampires being real, helping her improve herself in her career with the events in the film.

ThemesRed Snow is a horror comedy that will look to redefine the vampire world, by rubbishing the rules set out before, trying to bring the vampire legacy into reality. The comedy comes from seeing how Olivia must react to each situation, giving us comedy throughout. the film uses the Lake Tahoe setting shows the vampires have picked a more isolated location to hunt, with the idea of lesser sunlight to operate in.

Final Thoughts Red Snow is a fun horror comedy that will look to bring a modern view on vampires.

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