ABC Film Challenge – Adventure – V – Against the Dark (2009) Movie Review

Director: Richard Crudo

Writer: Matthew Klickstein (Screenplay)

Starring: Steven Seagal, Tanoai Reed, Jenna Harrison, Danny Midwinter, Emma Catherwood, Stephen Hagan

Plot: Katana master Tao leads a special ops squad of ex-military vigilantes on a massacre mission, their target: vampires on an post apocalyptic globe. Tao is the survivors’ only hope and he knows the only cure is execution.

Tagline – He lives by the sword. They will die by it.

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Against the Dark starts as we meet a group of survivors of a virus which has turned most of the population into vampires, roaming the country at night, with the only safety coming by daylight. A group of survivors hiding out in a hospital meet another group of survivors, as they look to plan their escape.

This plan comes under threat when the vampire zombies start entering the building and human hunter Tao (Seagal) turns up with his team to deal with the problem.

Thoughts on Against the Dark

ThoughtsAgainst the Dark is a vampire zombie action horror movie that will take us to a world where the vampire zombies roam the Earth, with our survivors inside of hospital hiding, before their safety come sunder threat. It will give us the groups of survivors that are all facing different threats, while being unsure of who to trust when they come into contact with others. The groups might well become typical ones that don’t offer up anything fresh, with most of the characters feeling flat for the most part. The singular location of the hospital does bring the threat of danger in any room, while others are more about finding the essential part of life. When we look at the performances, nobody gets to make the impact required in the film, mostly because the characters aren’t the most interesting, with most feeling like rip offs of other popular franchises.

Final Thoughts Against the Dark is an easy to watch even if a bit flat action horror film.

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