ABC Film Challenge – Adventure – L – Lake Placid: Legacy (2018) Movie Review

Director: Darrell Roodt

Writer: Jonathan Walker (Screenplay) Matt Venables, Jeremy Smtih (Story)

Starring: Katherine Barrell, Tim Rozon, Sai Bennett, Luke Newton, Craig Stein, Joe Pantoliano, Alisha Bailey

Plot: A group of urban explorers venture to a quiet lake in upstate Maine that is home to a deadly and forgotten secret. Unfortunately for them, they quickly discover they’re not alone and encounter a deadly threat that can kill them all.

Tagline – Terror Returns

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Lake Placid: Legacy starts when a group of urban explores Jade (Barrell), Sam (Rozon), Alice (Bennett), Billy (Newton) and Spencer (Stein) get challenged to explorer a forgotten secret that isn’t marked on any maps, they see it as a chance to make big money, joined by guides Pennie (Bailey) and Travis (Kriek) they enter the closed off part of the wilderness.

When the explorers learn the area is crawling with a giant crocodile they become the latest targets, needing to figure out how to survive the deadly killing machines.

Thoughts on Lake Placid: Legacy

ThoughtsLake Placid: Legacy is the latest Lake Placid film, this time we do finally get something original with the idea behind it all, having urban explorers searching a remote area that has a connection to why the crocodiles are so big, this does help dive into the mythology of the crocodiles, which has been missing for a long time. While the crocodile side of things are more CGI that looks out of place, the searching for answers does feel more grounded this time around. Even with a star of Joe Pantoliano’s level, the acting isn’t the strongest, leaving us waiting for the crocodile attacks, as they will become the most entertaining factor in the film. This is trying to rebuild the franchise, in a new direction, being an improvement on some of the more recent one for concept, but lacks the characters to make it as interesting for wackiness involved.

Final Thoughts Lake Placid: Legacy is a fresh idea with the same flaws as the rest of the later franchise.

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