Slumber Party Massacre – UK Release News

Slumber Party Massacre will be released on Digital Download on 13th December and on DVD from 10th January 2022

A slumber party turns into a bloodbath when a psychopath wielding a power-drill disrupts the fun. There really is no rest for the wicked at this slumber party…

Road to Revenge (2020) Movie Review ‘Enjoyable Western’

Road to Revenge – Enjoyable Western


Director: Kellen Garner, Christopher Sheffield

Writer: Kellen Garner (Screenplay) George Nelson (Story)

Starring: Kellen Garner, Alexis Moeller, Aaron Gunn-Forsberg, George Nelson, Jeremy A Lopez, Chade Green

Plot: After a ruthless cattle baron announces his bid for governor, four estranged siblings set out on a quest for revenge for the death of their family. Setting aside old feuds and impossible odds, they will face off with a man who owns every gun hand in the territory.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Road to Revenge starts when Lucy (Moeller) and Travis Royal (Garner) look to collect on a bounty on an outlaw Micah Grady (Lopez), seeing them put aside their differences to make this a possibility.

When the siblings arrive in a town run by William Slade (Nelson), they run into two other estranged brothers Brody (Green) and Pete (Ginn-Forsberg) who already have a plan to bring down William Slade.

Thoughts on Road to Revenge

ThoughtsRoad to Revenge will bring us a western that will see an estranged family coming back together to take out the man who killed their mother. This does play out in a very unique way, with the four siblings all having their own ideas on how they want this to play out and them needing to work together and put a new plan together, with each of the four having their own strength, one that will give them the advantage if they find themselves alone. The villain William Slade is the calm cool collected type that will talk down to anyone, a man that has always seen money pay for everything in his life. This is a film that will play along the way you would imagine a western about revenge, giving us the strong leads that will have the fight for what is right, along with a villain who will do anything to stay in control. Most of the action is held back for the final act, where everything is unleashed in the film.

Available November 16 – VOD in US & Canada

Final Thoughts Road to Revenge is a nice western that gives us a family we could see on many different adventures.

ABC Film Challenge – Adventure – K – Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) Movie Recommendation

ABC Film Challenge



Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of the movies that truly came out of nowhere and became one of the best action movies of 2014, the streetwise kid joining a group of secret spies will make this enjoyable, bringing the blend of Men in Black to the James Bond world, introducing us to Taron Egerton in a leading role for the first time.