Aquarium of the Dead (2021) Movie Review ‘Typical Low Budget Sci-Fi Movie’

Director: Glenn Miller

Writer: Marc Gottlieb (Screenplay) Michael Varrati (Story)

Starring: Vivica A Fox, Eva Ceja, D.C. Douglas, Erica Duke, Anthony Jensen, Madeleine Falk

Plot: A scientific accident causes sea creatures in an aquarium to become zombies.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Aquarium of the Dead starts when a struggling aquarium is seeking investment, with Miranda (Ceja) trying to convince the senator Bailey Blackburn (Jensen), when the aquarium sees the latest research turning the sea creatures into zombies.

Miranda must lead her team out alive, while Clu (Fox) looks to solve the problem and Daniel Hanley (Douglas) looks to make sure Skylar (Lee W) remembers his experience for the right reason.

Thoughts on Aquarium of the Dead

ThoughtsAquarium of the Dead brings us another look at the idea of zombies, with them being focused on the sea creatures going outside their normal habitats in search for human blood, with some of the creatures being easy to bat off, like star fish, but other like an octopus being a major threat, going through the vents. We know this is going to be a low budget film, with weak CGI created creatures, which will add to the bonkers side to everything we get to go through during the film, leaving us smiling at the comedy involved, waiting to see what the next creature introduced will be. The location is something different for the zombie worlds, which is the only original thing here, even though this is extremely watchable if you want to just relax and turn your mind off.

Final Thoughts Aquarium of the Dead is an easy to watch low budget sci-fi movie, you know what you are getting going in.

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