Cold Feet (2019) Movie Review ‘Fun Horror Comedy’

Cold Feet – Fun Horror Comedy


Director: Brad Ellis, Allen C Gardner

Writer: Allen C Gardner (Screenplay)

Starring: Adam Burns, Allen C Gardner, Matthew Gilliam, Matt Mercer, Nathan Ross murphy, Drew Paslay

Plot: At a rented house, Eddie and his best friends unite for his bachelor party. The next day, though, a fight for sanity and survival begins when they discover there are snipers outside the house and a ghost inside, none of whom want the guys to leave.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Cold Feet starts when Eddie (Gardner) is on his bachelor party, at a rented home with his pals, Johnny (Burns), Jeff (Gilliam), Boyd (Mercer), Neil (Murphy), Kyle (Paslay), Mason (Stiller) and Ben (Arrendondo). What starts as the typical boys weekend, with drinks and a stripper, the morning after is a different day.

The morning will find the stripper dead, snipers outside the house and a ghost that is jumping between bodies, with the guys losing their memories during the events.

Thoughts on Cold Feet

ThoughtsCold Feet brings us the bachelor party gone wrong, as the friendships will be tested, reputation will continue to follow the characters around, but the unite between the guys is what will be important to keep everything together for the friends, during an unexplained series of events, ones that they will want to hold together to survive. When it comes to what is going on with the ghost jumping between bodies, the need to try and figure out how to make it through the situation, with knowledge that only friends would know about each other. Where the random idea of snipers or gunmen outside the home happens, will see strange, not always adding much more other than trapping the friends in the home. The performances in the film are great, with the friends all coming off like natural friends, right down to the ‘sorry Neil’ line, which everyone is in on, which keeps the friendship in the jolly style, rather than that awkward one, where some people might not be as close as others. The comedy in the film hits when it needs to, not going to heavy on it, while the horror plays into the horror, rather than giving us any scares along the way.

Final Thoughts Cold Feet is an enjoyable horror comedy, constantly leaving us surprised with what happens next.

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