They’re Outside (2020) Movie Review ‘Creepy’

They’re Outside – Creepy


Director: Sam Casserly, Airell Anthony Hayles

Writer: Airell Anthony Hayles (Screenplay)

Starring: Brad Moore, Nicholas Vince, Emily Booth, Jon-Paul Gates, Emma Burdon-Sutton, Christine Randall

Plot: While filming a documentary about an agoraphobic woman, a celebrity psychologist is drawn into supernatural events.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: They’re Outside starts when celebrity psychologist Max (Wheatley) looks to record his latest show in agoraphobic woman Sarah (Randall) who hasn’t left her home in over five years, believing there is a creature known as Green Eyes waiting for her outside.

As Max looks to keep pushing for Sarah to break the trend, only for him to learn a much darker secret about what is going on within the walls and the surrounding woods.

Thoughts on They’re Outside

Characters & Performances – Max is the celebrity psychologist who goes around the country trying to help people in need, using them to keep his own fame relevant, he is a selfish man, not showing any levels of sympathy for the people he is trying to help. Sarah is the woman that has agoraphobia, she hasn’t managed to leave her home in 5-years, she finds social interaction difficult, while not caring that she hasn’t managed to leave the home. She is in fear of a legend from the woods of Green Eyes, a figure that she believes lurks in the woods. With this being a documentary everyone we meet does have a story about the recording we are watching. The performances in the film are on the level you would come to expect to see from a found footage film, with the characters often feeling unsure of what is going on more than anything else, but not looking like they are trying to make it look like acting, being quite natural in the film.

StoryThe story here follows a celebrity psychologist who is trying to help a woman with agoraphobia that has let the striking fear of the local woods hold her captive in her home for years. This is told in documentary format, which means, found footage, which for the main part of the story is everything you would come to expect, with the idea that the lead if arrogant towards the person he is looking to help. We know from this sub-genre of horror that the first half is all set up for everything to be let loose in the second half, which will take things in a string of random moments taking us through the horror emotions in here. Certain parts of this do take away from what we experience by the end, which is trying to do something different, only this decision does slow down the horror side of the film a lot more than it needs to.

ThemesThey’re Outside is a found footage horror that will take us to an isolated location where something has been holding a woman captive in her home, as we see the celebrity psychologist try to help her, only to get put the knocking, noises and unknown of the darkness here. This is everything you would expect to see in a found footage, one that doesn’t seem to give us much on the original case, and when it does, holds way too much back from what Green Eyes could truly be.

Final Thoughts They’re Outside is a horror that builds to a big scare, held back by the slow found footage style.

Shock Wave 2 (2020) Movie Review ‘More Explosive’

Shock Wave 2 – More Explosive


Director: Herman Yau

Writer: Herman Yau, Erica Li, Eric Lee (Screenplay)

Starring: Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Ni Ni, Kwan-Ho Tse, Ron Ng, Tak-Bun Wong, Raymond Chiu, Zhang Yang

Plot: When a bomb went off unexpectedly during a police operation to disarm it, Poon Shing-Fung, a bomb disposal officer, got caught in the blast and thus lost one of his legs. Poon decided to leave the police service. Three years later, the police suspect Poon, who was found in a coma at the spot of a terrorist bombing attack, of being involved in several bombing attacks in the past two years. Poon can hardly remember his past and even his own identity due to Post Traumatic Amnesia. He plans to escape to find out the truth. Meanwhile, knowing the terrorist organization’s schemes of destroying Hong Kong landmarks, Poon, as the key person between the police and the terrorist organization, would possibly save or destroy lives of the innocent civilians in the city.

Runtime: 2 Hours

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Shock Wave 2 starts when we meet bomb disposable expert Poon Shing Fung (Lau) who on his latest job with his partner gets seriously injured, losing a leg, building his road to recover, leaving the police force along the way.

5-years after the incident, Hong Kong finds itself under attack by a mystery bomber, with most of the clues pointing towards Poon Shing Fung, only he doesn’t have any memories of what has happened, as he looks to find the truth about his place in the battle between the police and a terrorist group.

Thoughts on Shock Wave 2

ThoughtsShock Wave 2 is not a direct sequel to the original, but will dive into the similar lives of bomb disposal officers, taking things in a different direction by injuring one of the officers, which would see their career ended, the battle against terrorists is still going on, with the bombs becoming even more destructive. We have a bigger plot which will offer up plenty of questions about how officers who get injured should be treated, as well as how they might be seen as threats with their skills. This is one that is looking to make the most of the bigger action sequences, trying and succeeding in giving us massive action set pieces, with massive explosions throughout. this is a film that will get extra respect for not holding back on everything we see, while keeping us on edge with the battle to see who is behind everything.

Final Thoughts Shock Wave 2 Massive movie that doesn’t hold back on anything.