Time Now (2021) Movie Review ‘Sluggish Thriller’

Time Now – Sluggish Thriller


Director: Spencer King

Writer: Spencer King (Screenplay)

Starring: Eleanor Lambert, Claudia Black, Xxavier Polk, Paige Kendrick, Sebastian Beacon, Jeannine Thompson

Plot: A young mother returns to her estranged hometown of Detroit after the sudden death of her twin brother and immerses herself in his friend group, soon discovering that his death is not what it seems.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Time Now starts when Jenny (Lambert) returns home with her son Andrew, after the sudden death of her twin brother, here she gets to catch up with her mother Joan (Black) as she looks to help clean up what was left behind by her brother.

As Jenny spends more time around the town, he starts to learn more about what really happened about her brother’s death and who else might have seen or known more, putting her own place in this world in danger.

Thoughts on Time Now

ThoughtsTime Now is a thriller that will see how one woman will look to get over the loss of her twin brother, which will see her return home for the first time in years, finding herself caught up in something much bigger than she could imagine. The pacing of this film doesn’t get going quick enough, will most of the film spending more time questioning why Jenny left in the first place, rather than looking into the connections she is trying to make to fix things. It will leave us with a shattered family dynamic needing to be fixed, but nothing is going at the pace it needs to. The performances are solid, without reaching the heights needed to pull us into the intensity of the bigger picture, leaving the film coming off a lot flatter than it could have, without giving us enough meat to grab onto when it comes to the mystery around what happened.

Final Thoughts Time Now is a slow paced thriller that doesn’t feel like it gets going quick enough.

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