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Time Now (2021) Movie Review ‘Sluggish Thriller’

Time Now – Sluggish Thriller


Director: Spencer King

Writer: Spencer King (Screenplay)

Starring: Eleanor Lambert, Claudia Black, Xxavier Polk, Paige Kendrick, Sebastian Beacon, Jeannine Thompson

Plot: A young mother returns to her estranged hometown of Detroit after the sudden death of her twin brother and immerses herself in his friend group, soon discovering that his death is not what it seems.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Time Now starts when Jenny (Lambert) returns home with her son Andrew, after the sudden death of her twin brother, here she gets to catch up with her mother Joan (Black) as she looks to help clean up what was left behind by her brother.

As Jenny spends more time around the town, he starts to learn more about what really happened about her brother’s death and who else might have seen or known more, putting her own place in this world in danger.

Thoughts on Time Now

ThoughtsTime Now is a thriller that will see how one woman will look to get over the loss of her twin brother, which will see her return home for the first time in years, finding herself caught up in something much bigger than she could imagine. The pacing of this film doesn’t get going quick enough, will most of the film spending more time questioning why Jenny left in the first place, rather than looking into the connections she is trying to make to fix things. It will leave us with a shattered family dynamic needing to be fixed, but nothing is going at the pace it needs to. The performances are solid, without reaching the heights needed to pull us into the intensity of the bigger picture, leaving the film coming off a lot flatter than it could have, without giving us enough meat to grab onto when it comes to the mystery around what happened.

Final Thoughts Time Now is a slow paced thriller that doesn’t feel like it gets going quick enough.

Horror Noire (2021) Movie Review ‘Great Selection of Horrors’

Horror Noire – Great Selection of Horrors


Director: Joe West, Julien Christian Lutz, Zandashe Brown, Rob Greenlea, Robin Givens, Kimani Ray Smith

Writer: Steven Barnes, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Tananarive Due, Shernold Edwards, Victor LaValle, Al Letson (Screenplay)

Starring: Lesley-Ann Brandt, Peter Stormare, Tony Todd, Lenora Crichlow, Malcolm Barrett, Rachel True, Sean Patrick Thomas

Plot: Presents together six horror stories from Black directors and screenwriters in a single film: “Daddy,” “Bride Before You,” “Brand of Evil,” “The Lake,” “Sundown” and “Fugue State”.

Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Thoughts on Horror Noire

Daddy – Daddy starts as we meet the family with young James constantly wanting to explore, while an elderly man warns his father Red to watch over him. As Red tries to get closer to his son, he builds him a special fort, but when James starts seeing a stranger in the window, he looks to find answers from his own past about who the visitor might be. This might well be one of the weaker stories of the selection, it has potential to have more, but never dives into the true horror that could be put in place. 2/5

Bride Before YouBride Before You starts when a rich couple move into a luxury home away from where their ancestors would have been picking cotton, Mr Clay is desperate to have a baby with her husband Mrs Clay turning to a black magic to get pregnant. While the child brings the family together, the house is caught up with a creaking for decades as their child Cornelius grows up to get married himself. Bride Before You is one of the most interesting of the stories, set in a era where there would have been a deeper race divide, showing us how one woman will see her life turned upside down by reputation. 4/5

Brand of EvilBrand of Evil starts when artist Nekani is preparing for the latest project, a mural, one that is being created to raise a large amount of money for the foodbank. When Nekani receives a mysterious phone call, wanting him to design a logo for a large amount of money, seeing it as easy work. With the job done, Nekani gets a new offer, one for double the money, but Nekani doesn’t know the cost of these designs, as the people around him start disappearing. Brand of Evil is a story that will show how growing reputation can see you sell your soul, it is the deep dive into how Nekami is caught between helping himself, or helping his neighbourhood. When it comes to where the horror comes from, we see how the splatter gets bought into the world, away from the artist style behind Nekami. 4/5

The Lake – The Lake starts when a teacher Abbie moves to a remote lake house to start a new life, she is given a warning, not to swim in the lake, but goes against them. Abbie starts to see a change in her body and eating habits, with her past also starting to catch up with her, she finds herself unsure of what will happen in her life next. This is a story that will dive into legends create around a town, showing how someone new can ignore the warnings, where the generation that have only heard the stories, will learn the truth. This is a nice opening story, one that has moments of dread, but never dives into the deeper side of things. 3/5

Sundown – Sundown starts as Marcus and Shanita campaigning for a political figure in West Virginia, looking to help make a change in the area. As the campaigners look to finish off their work, they regroup to learn the town is a sundown town, one that still forbids black people going out at night. The campaigners find themselves trapped in the town as night falls, which is only the beginning of the nightmare, as the town’s people operate at night, seeing them needing to fight for their lives. Sundown brings the series of stories to an end with a bang, diving into the most chaotic story going on, one that has the more notorious horror side of things, with the vampire side seeing the chaotic hunt going on. 5/5

Fugue State – Fugue State starts as we meet the journalist couple Arthur & Charlotte who are both working on major stories, Arthur on uncovering the truth about a religious cult known as the Third Way, while Charlotte is looking into the story about string of attacks by red faced killers. After Arthur has visited the church, he starts to change, leading to the family changing as the worry grows in from __ wanting to save her husband from a change he is going through. This is a nice horror, one that will dive into the cult transformation going on and needing to stop it before it is too late. 3/5

Final Thoughts Horror Noire is a great selection of horror shorts, with each bringing a different horror idea to life.

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – Y – The Farm (2018) Movie Review

We are under Y because of the lead actress’ surname Yessayan.

Director: Hans Stjernsward

Writer: Hans Stjernsward (Screenplay)

Starring: Nora Yessayan, Alec Gaylord, Ken Volok, Rob Tisdale, Kelly Mis

Plot: A young couple gets kidnapped and treated like farm animals after stopping at a roadside diner to eat meat.

Tagline – In this place you’re the main dish

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Dreadful

Story: The Farm starts when a couple Nora (Yessayan) and Alec (Gaylord) are travelling across country when they look to stay in a remote location. They wake up separate, both in cage, like animals, with Nora being used for diary, while Alec is placed in the meet pile, as the owners of the farm are selling the human meet to the locals.

While the Landlord (Volok) has been operating this farm for years, Nora decides she is going to go down without a fight, looking to save the other women trapped their and end the operation before she becomes the latest piece of meat on the production line.

Thoughts on The Farm

Final Thoughts The Farm is looking to create shock value with how it presents the human production line, showing the pure scale of the operation, the problem comes with showing us just how little we learn about the lead couple, they are given such a little amount of time to be placed into this world, by the time we get to the farm, which is quick, the film focuses more on how the farm operates, with the pure numbers involved, which doesn’t seem to give us enough to care about. We can have a huge operation going on without needing to focus solely on the villainous side of the events, we are given no reason to see how the couple could escape or why we should even be waiting for them to try and escape, it just wants to give us shock value, without earning any of those moments. Even the acting doesn’t seem like it hits home, with most scenes falling flat of making the impact they want with the strangeness involved with the farmers.

Overall: Boring Cheap Shocked Horror.