Warning (2021) Movie Review ‘Great Concepts’

Warning – Great Concepts


Director: Agata Alexander

Writer: Agata Alexander, Jason Kaye, Rob Michaelson (Screenplay)

Starring: Annabelle Wallis, Alice Eve, Kylie Bunbury, Thomas Janes, Alex Pettyfer, Garanace Marillier, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rupert Everett

Plot: The meaning of life explored through multiple interconnected lives set in the near future.

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Warning starts after an incident in space, which will change the lives of people on Earth, with a robot engineer needing to make a difficult decision about an older robot, Claire (Eve) who has lived through her ‘God’ system until it stops working and Anna (Bunbury) who finds herself being stalked by a figure in her everyday life.

We see how Nina (Wallis) gets to meet her boyfriend Liam (Pettyfer) family, which will see the series of small sci-fi stories that will put the bigger question about faith and science.

Thoughts on Warning

ThoughtsWarning is a series of interconnected sci-fi stories connected by an incident in space, each stories will get its own moment in the spotlight, with the full-blown science religion discussion in one where Alice Eve shines in. the creepy electronic stalker figure in another, which is the closest the film goes into full horror, with Kylie Bunbury) giving us an excellent performance. Annabelle Wallis and Alex Pettyfer are involved in a story that will ask a bigger life expectation question, one that will put love into the discussion when it comes to what the wealthy could do in the future. Thomas Jane gets the most isolated story, alone, dealing with his character getting a chance to look back at his own life, while facing his own mortality. There is one problem with the stories and that comes from how certain stories will be spliced together with others, jumping into another one, but when we get all the focus on one, which will do, we get the most interesting story, despite the fact we have a series of stories that offer up plenty of bigger questions about faith and science, which will the be closest to a Black Mirror idea we have seen in a while, they could have all been longer though, which will leave some of them not getting enough time to flush out the bigger picture being told.

Signature Entertainment presents Warning on Digital Platforms 25th October

Final Thoughts Warning is a film with a series of short sci-fi stories that leave you wanting more.

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – T – Tell Me How I Die (2016) Movie Review

Director: D.J. Viola

Writer: James Hibberd, Rob Warren Thomas, D.J. Viola (Screenplay)

Starring: Nathan Kress, Virginia Gardner, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Ryan Higa, Mark Furze, Ethan Peck

Plot: A9913 is a new drug improving memory – like being there again. Anna joins 17 others testing it for $2000. Some experience the near future including deaths.

Tagline – Knowing your fate is a real killer.

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Drug Trial 101

Story: Tell Me How I Die starts when student Anna (Gardner) takes up an offer to be part of a drug trial, joined by fellow students Den (Kress), Kristen (Blanton) and regular Scratch (Higa) they are part of 20 person trial which sees them staying in a remote facility.

As the trial starts, the first side effects experienced, is replaying an incident, where the person sees, feels and experiences something, only to not have done it, only to do it and wonder why they have the feeling on déjà vu. Desperate to escape, the four are joined by Marcus (Furze) as they rush to try and escape the situation.

Thoughts on Tell Me How I Die

Characters – Anna is the student that is need of money, she takes the drug trial idea to make $2000 for a 30 days trial, she isn’t the most convinced by joining and soon becomes the person that can has the visions which could help the rest survive. Den had met Anna in a bar before the trial, needing the money for the same reason, he takes the trial in a plan to make money, while being the most decent person of the people trying to escape. Kristen is excited with the idea of the trial, she sees it as a chance to meet a guy, while becoming friends with Anna along the way. Scratch has been doing these trials for years now, he likes the pay day and the lack of work he needs to do, he does offer help when looking to escape.

PerformancesThe performances in the film are not the greatest, but they are also not the worst, we get a string of typical desperate young adults, who are slightly paranoid being filled in with the generic traits you would imagine to see.

StoryThe story here follows five main members of the 20 person drug trial, which sees them starting to experience the future, only to learn about a killer looking to pick of the members of the trial. This is a strange story, because you would have thought, we might have a couple of side effects from the drugs to start with, only for this to turn straight into the experiencing the future idea, which soon leads to the killer hunting people down. It seems to play out more like a slasher, over a psychological horror, which you would have imagined it being. In the end the story does most things to try and shock, rather than trying to have a complete story that makes full sense.

Horror/MysteryThis is a horror that circles around the slasher idea more than anything else, it tries to include a mystery, only it seems to come off flat while trying to unlock the truth.

SettingsThe film uses the big facility which is meant to help with the remote trial, it is filled with mystery about what is happening here and could have been used so much better.

Scene of the Movie – The first vision.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – The fact the idea seems to go against itself by the end.

Final Thoughts This is a horror mystery thriller that seems to come up short with how everything unfolds, leaving us wanting more and not getting enough of what we needed.

Overall: Flat Thriller.

The Tortured Soul (2022) Short Movie Review ‘Brimming Thriller’

The Tortured Soul – Brimming Thriller


Director: Andrew de Burgh

Writer: Andrew de Burgh (Screenplay)

Starring: Bianca Stam, Nicholas Sidley

Plot: A young woman confronts the serial killer that murdered her husband.

Runtime: 9 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Tortured Soul starts as Tamara Nolan (Stam) sits facing a man covered in a bloodied bag, before she reveals the story to why we are in this position. She has hunted down this man, a serial killer, waiting to face them for taking her loved one, changing her life forever.

Thoughts on The Tortured Soul

ThoughtsThe Tortured Soul brings us what feels like is becoming a trademark for director Andrew de Burgh, putting us into a discussion, where somebody is suffering from an emotional change in their lives, that this conversation will see things change, without needing to rely on any sort of action sequence. Bianca Stam does keep her delivery calm, prepared and determined, with a sense of relief coming through each word and finally getting to unload her characters grief on the killer. The way I like to look at shorts, has always been whether the story could be expanded and with this story, we have certain lines that imply we could go a lot deeper into the hunt for the killer. This is another excellent entry into the filmography of Andrew de Burgh, where he will continue to bring his unique idea on how to keep the story simple, but compelling.

Final Thoughts The Tortured Soul is a compelling vision of revenge.