Dashcam (2021) Movie Review ‘Smart Idea’

Dashcam – Smart Idea


Director: Christian Nilsson

Writer: Christian Nilsson (Screenplay)

Starring: Eric Tabach, Larry Fessenden, Zachary Booth, Guillian Yao Gioiello, Noa Fisher, Scott Aiello

Plot: Dashcam is a psychological thriller following Jake—a timid video editor at a local news channel who fantasizes about becoming a reporter. While editing a piece on a routine traffic stop that resulted in the death of a police officer and a major political official, Jake is inadvertently sent dashcam video evidence that tells a completely different story.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Dashcam starts as a video editor Jake (Tabach) is waiting for dashcam footage that he can edit into a news story in his continuing hope to make it as a reporter. Before Jake starts working on the edit, he gets a warning phone call from a stranger, not to get too involved with the footage, or he would be impeding an investigation.

As Jake starts to look closer at the footage, he starts to believe the police are trying to cover up something else, in what looks like it could have been a political assassination, with this having the potential to let him have a big story break.

Thoughts on Dashcam

ThoughtsDashcam is a thriller that will see an ambitious young man who wants to become a journalist who is working on a video edit of a police shooting, only to find himself learning about a bigger cover-up. This is an interesting idea, one that could go in many different directions, ones that the film fails to capture, because most of the film seems to focus on the editing of the clip, trying to uncover little details in either the video or sound. We could have seen a truly intense thriller here, but in the end, most of the early interactions don’t seem to be part of the main part of the film. The film did spend a large part of the film within the apartment, mostly through the computer screen, which would have helped keep things contained. This is one of those films, that does feel like we had so much more potential about everything about it, it is a shame that not everything clicks the way it could have.

Final ThoughtsDashcam is a film with so much potential, it just doesn’t hit the heights of what it could.

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – N – Nobody Leaves (2018) Movie Review

Director: Mitzi Peirone

Writer: Mitzi Peirone (Screenplay)

Starring: Madeline Brewer, Imogen Waterhouse, Sarah Hay, Scott Cohen, Clyde Baldo, Rob Leo Roy, Zack Calhoon

Plot: Two wanted women decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend who lives in the fantasy world they created as children; to take the money they have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe.

Tagline – Everyone plays. Nobody leaves.

Runtime: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Gets Lost in Motion

Story: Nobody Leaves starts as two thieves Petula (Waterhouse) and Tilda (Hay) are on the run and looking for one more big score, an old friend of the two Daphne (Brewer) who has suffered from a traumatic experience, to do so they must follow the three strict rules, 1, everybody plays, 2, no outsiders and 3, nobody leaves.

As the two spend time in the house, they find themselves drawn into even more dramatic situations, which they are unwilling to take part in, but anything to please Daphne and get what they want from the house.

Thoughts on Nobody Leaves

Characters – Daphne is the owner of her own private home, she has the set rules and is very much mental unstable, she has her own fantasies which need to be fulfilled if you want to visit and if you don’t, see will force you. Petula and Tilda are a couple of thieves on the run, they will use their skills to get away with more crimes and grew up with Daphne, playing her games, now they want to rob her, only them might have gotten more than they can handle. Detective Siegel has been searching for the girls for a while now and is always checking in on Daphne to make sure she doesn’t need help.

PerformancesMadeline Brewer, Imogen Waterhouse and Sarah Hay are all wonderful together on screen, they show just how out of control they can become, level headed and calculated when it comes to facing the truth.

StoryThe story here follows a couple of thieves that look to get one more score against an old friend to clear their own debts, only to find themselves facing more than they can handle. This does start off like any robbery film, with the light twist games the two must play along with, as they start to get more deadly as the film unfolds, it does show how the two will start to question what is real or not and how far they are willing to go, but does do this in a more complicated way than it needs to.

Horror/MysteryThe horror in this film comes from the idea of Daphne’s games becoming more deadly, different types of torture she is willing to put the girls through, with the mystery about where the safe could be, being the riddle that needs solving, as to what is going on in the head of Petula.

SettingsThe film is kept inside the mansion, which sees the two girls needing to follow the instructions for the game that Daphne has set up for them, it does take them away from the normal world, one where they are on the run from too.

Scene of the Movie – The colour high.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – It does end up trying to be more complicated than it starts showing us.

Final Thoughts This is an interesting film, it does take a strange turn half way through, which only ends up making things feel more complicated than it needs to.

Overall: Loses Direction.

Christmas at Cattle Hill (2020) Movie Review ‘Cute Christmas Movie’

Christmas at Cattle Hill – Cute Christmas Movie


Director: Will Ashurst

Writer: Ole Christian Solbakken (Screenplay)

Starring: (Voice Talents) Charlotte Reynard, Daniel Maley, Corin Silva, Gianna Carpenito, Terrence Mann

Plot: Klara the Calf is excited to spend her first Christmas on Cattle Hill with her Father, but when they arrive at the farm Klara is disappointed to see he has not attempted to decorate for the holidays. When her father is unexpectedly called away for work, Klara sees it as an opportunity to make Cattle Hill a Christmas paradise with the help of the cheeky Christmas elf who lives on the farm, but as Klara finds out it is about being together at Christmas which is the most important.

Runtime: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Christmas at Cattle Hill starts when Christmas is coming to Cattle Hill and Klara is looking forward to her first Christmas here. The Christmas plans don’t go how Klara is expecting when her time with her Father are cut short, as Klara learns that her father tends to spend Christmas alone, hoping the people around the town, never decorating his place.

As Klara starts looking to bring together her family, she gets caught up learning about different legends that have been created in the town, ones which she might end up breaking or learning from.

Thoughts on Christmas at Cattle Hill

ThoughtsChristmas at Cattle Hill is an animated movie that will look to bring together the idea that Christmas is best together, rather than having the best decoration. We do get the likeable characters with the younger members of a family getting caught up in needing to fix Christmas and learning that she will have the support of her family to make things better, while bringing together the animals that are different. This will offer up some nice music that is focused on bringing back the meaning of Christmas in the purest way, one that is easy to watch and will have a few laughs along the way. The animation in the film is strong, even if the decision to use different farm animals, might seem strange for certain moments.

Signature Entertainment presents Christmas at Cattle Hill on Digital Platforms 18th October

Final Thoughts Christmas at Cattle Hill is a cute and charming Christmas, with the true meaning of Christmas coming through.