The Maid (2020) Movie Review ‘Will Keep You Guessing & Leave You Shocked’

The Maid – Will Keep You Guessing & Leave You Shocked


Director: Lee Thongkham

Writer: Piyaluk Tuntisrisakul (Screenplay) Lee Thongkham (Story)

Starring: Ploy Sornarin, Savika Chaiyadej, Theerapat Sajakul, Kannaporn Puangtong, Sorabodee Changsiri, Keetapat Ongrue

Plot: A teenager Joy, work as a domestic maid and being haunted by the previous maid spirit, to discover the secret behind her death.

Tagline – Dark secrets serve no one

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Maid starts when a young lady Joy (Sornarin) takes the role of a housemaid for a wealthy family, being in disbelief at the size of the house she is being asked to work in.

Joy gets to learn about the family she is working for, with a lot of her time being focused on the youngster member of the household Nid (Pongrue) who the other maids believe to have a mental illness, because she tends to talk to herself. This all becomes clear to Joy when she starts seeing a ghostly figure of a previous maid lurking around the home, trying to give her a message.

Thoughts on The Maid

Characters & Performances – Joy is the young maid that has taken the job in wealthy family, she does follow through with her daily responsibilities, with one of them being watching over the youngster member of the family. It doesn’t take long before she starts seeing a ghostly figure around the home, trying to send her a message, as she starts looking into the past of the house. When it comes to the family who own the home, Uma and Nirach, they have plenty of secrets of their own, not being as happy as they public appearance presents them to be. The film is filled with great performances with Ploy Sornarin in the leading role shining through each of the moments her character goes through, the fear, the confidence, everything she is required to do.

StoryThe story here follows a young maid that takes a job in a wealthy family, only to see herself haunted by a spirit of a previous maid, looking to warn her of something that happened with the walls before. This does start out like the strong ghost investigation movie, where we get the haunting moments that are more messages, even if they are effective scares, warning, leading the newest member of the house about a previous crime. This story does however go in a very different direction for the final third, one that you wouldn’t see coming and ends up feeling fresh and truly enjoyable. The story doesn’t want to hold back on anything and by the end, you will see the truly broken figures in this world.

ThemesThe Maid is a horror mystery that will have plenty of the scares from the ghostly figure before heading into a completely different direction, one that will offer up a different level of horror, one you might not see coming. The whole film is set within the walls of the wealthy family, showing how far from the real world they have becomes.


Final ThoughtsThe Maid is one of the biggest surprised in horror this year, a film that starts out like one and finishing unlike anything you would expect.

ABC Film Challenge – Horror – D – Devil’s Gate (2017) Movie Review

Director: Clay Staub

Writer: Peter Aperlo, Clay Staub (Screenplay)

Starring: Amanda Schull, Shawn Ashmore, Mile Ventimiglia, Bridget Regan, Jonathan Frakes, Sarah Constible

Plot: Seeking a missing woman in North Dakota, an FBI agent and a sheriff focus on her religious zealot husband but discover something far more sinister.

Tagline – Pray they are never found.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Alien Invasion with a Twist

Story: Devil’s Gate starts when FBI agent Daria Francis (Schull) arrives in the small town of Devil’s Gate, escorted by local cop Conrad ‘Colt’ Salter (Ashmore), she is here to investigate the disappearance of a woman. The easy clue points the finger at her husband Jackson Pritchard (Ventimiglia) who lives on his remote ranch, which is surrounded with traps and barbwire, with a secret in his basement.

What the two discover in the basement will leave them in shock, as Jackson has been holding a creature in his basement, the creature he believes took his family, holding it until he family is returned, seeing the three needing to work together to solve bigger problem they are going to be facing.

Thoughts on Devil’s Gate

Characters – Agent Daria Francis is an FBI agent with a troubled past, with her latest case leading to the death of a suspect, she has taken this case in hope of making up for her past, she doesn’t mean to step on toes, but does want to investigate correctly, with a fresh mind, which sees her trying to be the voice of reason. Conrad Salter is the local deputy that is always friendly with everyone around town, he is a nice guy cop, trying to balance the line between helping an outsider and remaining friends with the locals. Jackson Pritchard is the hot head farmer that has become the main suspect in the missing person case, only to show a darker secret to why he is holding his home to be like a prison, though he has motivation for doing what he wants to do.

PerformancesAmanda Schull as the FBI agent is great in the film, she shows the calm required for the role. Shawn Ashmore as the local cop is strong for the most part, the character does take a twist at times, but otherwise he works well as the nice guy. Milo Ventimiglia is fun to watch as the unhinged character in the film too.

StoryThe story follows what seems like a routine missing person investigation, only for everything to take a dramatic twist into why the missing person has gone. This does have plenty of twists in how everything is unfolding, it will keep us guessing as to watch is causing most of the changes to have an impact in where the story will go. It does enough to be original in the field too because with the core of the story, it could easily be something we have seen before.

Horror/Sci-fi The horror in this film comes from the events of the night, the isolation, darkness and invading threat to the people in the home, it all comes into effect through the film, with the sci-fi side adding to the horror with visits from space.

SettingsMost of the film takes place in one location, the farm, which is filled with traps, has secrets in each door and is waiting to give us more to the story in every scene.

Special EffectsThe effects in the film work well enough, we have a nice creature creation, while dealing with most weaknesses being covered with darkness.

Scene of the Movie – The first visitor.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – How the local cops are acting.

Final Thoughts This is a nice horror sci-fi that does have enough twists along the way to keep us guessing, while also being original enough to stand on its own.

Overall: Nice Spin on Alien Invasion.

The Lodger (2020) Movie Review ‘Disturbing Edge’

The Lodger – Disturbing Edge


Director: Baptiste Drapeau

Writer: Ollivier Briand (Screenplay) Baptiste Drapeau, Mauricio Carrasco (Collaboration)

Starring: Alice Isaaz, Jacqueline Bisset, Francois-Dominique Blin, Bastien Ughetto, Anne Steffrens, Judith Margolin

Plot: 20 years after her husband’s death, a woman keeps more than just his memory alive. Needing help at home, she takes in a student, but soon detects a risk of losing her husband to the girl. Does the girl have even a ghost of a chance?

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Lodger starts when widowed woman Elizabeth Dardelin (Bisset) takes in a student Julie Moreau (Isaaz) to help around the home. Elizabeth has been keeping the memory of her husband Victor (Blin) alive for years, in an unnatural way, which will see her having his cloths dressed up around the home.

As Julie looks to meet more people, she learns more about the strange relationship Elizabeth has created with her dead husband, which will create a tension within the home.

Thoughts on The Lodger

Characters & Performances – Julie is the student that has come to rent the room from Elizabeth, she is young and in the big city for the first time, looking to enjoy the student experience, only to find herself drawn to the ghostly figure that Elizabeth keeps around the home. She starts to get closer to the ghost, finding it to have the best contact she is getting off another human, but at a price. Alice Isaaz shows us the young and innocent figure thrown into this world perfectly. Elizabeth is the widowed woman that has believed her husband has remained around the house since his death, putting her into a strange relationship with him, finding herself starting to lose the contact she once had with him, when a new younger woman comes into the home. Jacqueline Bisset is great in the role of the obsessed widow that believes her husband is around her and cheating on her, filled with insecurity, while trying to bring confidence back to her character.

StoryThe story here follows a widowed woman that starts to believe her new lodger is having an affair with her late husband’s ghost, causing her to need to take drastic steps to stop this. This is a story that does feel unsettling, with the idea that the ghost could still be around in the home, does make for an interesting look at how this could all be happening, the innocence that Julie shows, comes form seeing how she could fall into the idea the ghost is real, while the obsessive nature of Elizabeth brings out a new way of looking at grief. The mix of these factors will lead to the unsettling nature of the film that always has an edge about each and every scene.

ThemesThe Lodger is a horror thriller that will show the uncomfortable world created by Elizabeth and the belief that her husband is still around. The home that Elizabeth has lived in for years, does work as a wonderful location use, knowing she will always have a story about what happened in the home.

Final Thoughts The Lodger is an unsettling horror, that will use the uncomfortable environment to move the story forward.